Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Books Out This Week 11/11

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Lauren Morrill
Everyone loves the cover of this one, and I am not an exception!  I read it a while ago and thought it was cute... my review is coming on Monday.
By: Janet Ruth Young
Billy, a high school suicide hotline volunteer, connects with one of his callers, Jenney. I have a bad feeling about this one.  It sounds really emotional and I like that, but I just have a feeling it can't end well.
By: Amy McNamara
 After being in a car crash that killed her boyfriend, Wren (love that name) comes out of it traumatized.  She gives up on her plans for college and heads to seclusion in Maine.  She didn't plan on meeting Owen...
By: Elana K. Arnold
A girl retreats into solitude after losing her brother... until a new boy on the island takes her under his wing.  This boy also happens to be hiding something big!  I *think* this is a series.
By: Christopher Pike
A girl goes to Vegas and finds out about a world where people can do amazing things, things that may not even be human.  It's Christopher Pike, so it's sure to be scary... also it's sure to have a sequel.
By: Lauren Bjorkman
Dude it's about a blogger!!!  An advice blogger, but still!
By: Elizabeth Richards
"A dark and tender post-apocalyptic love story set in the aftermath of a bloody war."
What can I say, I love the cover!
By: Carrie Harris
"It’s scary. It’s twisted. It’s sick. It’s high school."  -Love that line!!  It's the sequel to Bad Taste in Boys.
Other Books Out This Week: 
  • Reached (Matched #3) By: Ally Condie- Highly anticipated finale of the Matched series
  • Echo (Soul Seekers #2) By: Alyson Noel- Fated was Book 1.  Pretty cover, I'm more into Alyson Noel's contemp books, like Saving Zoe: that book was awesome!
  • Flawed By: Kate Avelynn- This book is getting on my nerves.  The release date keeps getting moved... it was SUPPOSED to come out in July!

There's a lot out this week, so what are you excited for??


  1. That's a lot of books! Reached is finally out! I of course have yet to read the second book yet :P
    I really want to read Lovely, Dark and Deep. Mainly I think it's the cover that draws me in. It looks like a good December read. Car crashes are everywhere now for me...
    She’s Got Books on Her Mind

    1. Yeah the cover on Lovely, Dark and Deep is pretty cool! It reminds me of The Little Woods by McCormick Templeton (which I haven't read yet) because of the pinks.

  2. I agree with you about Flawed getting on my nerves. I mean if it makes the book the best it can be I GUESS I'll try to be patient. It's just annoying that it's been moved SO much. On a more positive note I'm so excited to get my hands on a copy of it, Flawed sounds amazing.

    1. it does sound good, i'm not usually into books about incest, but this one sounds intense and scary and I kind of like that!