Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Books Out This Week 11/4

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Ellen Hopkins
Of course this book feature's Hopkins signature prose-style writing, but the genre is more the New Adult/Adult category.  It's about a girl meeting a soldier and becoming a military wife.  I love Ellen Hopkins, so this should be
By: S.C. Stephens
A Young Adult/New Adult book.  It's about a couple who moves to the city to start a new life.  But something happens and when Kiera feels lonely she starts confiding in a local rock star.  Eventually this leads to a deeper relationship and obviously people are going to get hurt.
By Melissa Pearl
Nicole gets hit by a car and is in the space btw life and death.  Her body is laying in the woods and the only person that can help her isn't likely to.  Dale has been publicly humiliated by Nicole in the past, but if she wants to live she'll need his help.  Plus whoever hit her might beat them there and finish what he started.
(The Liar Society #2)
By: Lisa Roecker
When someone else goes missing at her elite private school, Kate knows it has something to do with the secret societies that rule the school.  Her best friend has already died and Kate isn't about to let these people get away with anything else.  Sounds cool!

Other Books Out This Week:
  • Days of blood and starlight By Laini Taylor- sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone
  • Colonization By Aubrie Dionne- Sci-Fi/Dystopian
  • And a whole lot of series continuation books (like book 3 and 7 and 9) in different series that it was making my head spin, so if you read a dystopian/fantasy series you might want to check out if your book comes out this week :)
Out in Paperback This Week:

Kind of a slow week for stand-alones!  What are you looking forward to?  I think I'm going for Betwixt, it sounds great!

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