Friday, January 18, 2013

Ditched: A Love Story by Robin Mellom

Justina didn't really care about going to Prom, until her best guy friend Ian convinced her to go with him.  Ever since he wore that one shirt, she can't help but imagine how their first kiss would go.  Justina has been in self-imposed non-kissing mode since that one party last summer which started all the rumors.  But she knows if she's going to break her rule, Ian is the guy to do it with.  Now only if she knew if he wanted to kiss her...
Right off the bat Prom day doesn't go well.  Her dress is not good, her shoes are even worse.  Her mom gets involved, she starts getting random stains on her dress immediately, Alison keeps trying to mack on Ian, Ian keeps disappearing.... and then she wakes up in a ditch the next morning, DITCHED!

This book was so Ehh for me.  Just not what I was expecting at all.  I LOVE books about prom and popularity and all that stuff.  I'm a sucker for it... at least when it's done right.  This book just didn't get there for me at all.

So you have Justina who shows up at a convenience store in her prom dress and proceeds to tell the middle-aged clerk and another self-proclaimed "Cougar" the story of her night... stain by stain.  Like these women care!  And then not only do the women care, they totally relate and agree that kissing moves Heaven and Earth.  KISSING!  Maybe I'm just too old, but kissing is not a big deal.

Here's the good part: Justina goes on some crazy-amazing adventures during her prom night- and those I loved.  The adventures were funny, silly, and the only part of the book I liked. There are these 2 stoner guys Mike and Mike and their dates who take Justina under their wing... and honestly I wish the book was about them!  They were funny and endearing.  I didn't like Justina... she was so dense, judgemental, and unlikable.    In the end Ian DID ditch her... even if there is a reason, it's not good enough to leave your prom date and not let her know what you are doing.  The writing in this book isn't bad, it's the implausibility of the story that got me. 

Sorry if this sounded awful, the book is totally read-able.  It flows good and I think there is an audience out there for it.  I think that audience is middle-grade though... so take out the Slut/Whore name-calling and pot smoking and give it 11-14 year-olds.  I seriously think I would've loved this book in 8th grade!

Overall:  Not recommending this one.  It's perfectly okay, but I prefer better.  I do not like books about serial-kissers who are annoying and dense.  Some people may like this book, but I'm not one of them.

Add it to your To-Read List

My Rating:

2/4 (and that's pushing it)

Date Published: 1/10/2013
How I got this book: Purchased from B&N


  1. I'm kind of surprised her best friend would ditch her like that. Makes me wonder what she did.

  2. You know, I felt very similar things about this one! Mike and Mike were amazing, but Justina was so dense and annoying. The adventure was really cute, but it's hard to get into a book when the main character drives you crazy! Great review. :)

  3. Disappointing. Although, I got a bad feeling about it when it capitalized "prom" haha! Great review :)