Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Samantha has spent a lot of time watching her next door neighbors, the Garretts.  They represent everything her mother despises: tons of wild kids, mess, disorder, affection.  When they moved in her mother basically said "Well there goes the neighborhood" and put up a giant fence.  But Samantha likes the way they interact with each other and how they always seem happy.  Then one day Jase Garrett climbs up on her balcony and into her life.
Things between Jase and Sam are like a dream and then you just know it's all going fall apart somehow.... and when it does, WOW... it's something powerful and unexpected!

This book rocked my world!  I kept wondering if it was real because it was like a book out of my dreams... and I'm not exaggerating.  The characters in this book were amazing and all so real.  I feel like I know personally know everyone in this book after reading it!

Samantha's life is pretty out of the ordinary.  Her mom (Grace) has been raising her and her sister, Tracy alone on her trust-fund.  Grace got into politics and was elected to the Senate.  Now they are living the country-club life, where Sam's every day is scheduled and planned out.  This is a big summer for Grace because it's re-election time, and she's brought in a new advisor Clay (who actually is more of a boyfriend).  With her mom tied up with work and Clay, Sam and Jase really fall for each other under the radar and it's really the sweetest little relationship.  Sam is practically adopted into the Garrett household. 

Sam's best friend, Nan and her twin brother Tim provide a really great side storyline that is just one more thing I love in this book.  Nan is going to get out of this town, she's obsessed with it.  She takes school super-seriously because that's her way out.  Tim is the all-around fuck-up (excuse my language but that's what he is).  He's drinking his way through jobs and school expulsions.  Both twins are so different, yet so much the same, it was weird.  It's like they both had demons in them, they just chose different ways to show it.

So I get half-way through this book and I'm all Sam/Jase'd up.  I love this couple!!  So I start looking at the book and realizing there was SO much left to read.  I got this dread in my stomach because I just wanted to live in my happy little land where everything was perfect for these two.  Well that couldn't be.  Something big had to happen... AND IT DID!  I was so shocked by the twist this book took, but at the same time I'm glad it went there.  If it would've just left me with all the happiness, it probably wouldn't be as memorable as I know this book is going to be for me.

I loved that there were villains in this book and people who were just flawed.  Nan to me was the hardest character to get. I couldn't understand her reasoning behind how she dropped Samantha. I know the twins had their issues, but she seemed like she was just jealous that Sam got a boyfriend.  There were so many many people  in the book you would think it would be hard to keep them straight, but it wasn't... each character had their own identity and quirks.  The Garrett kids were so lovable and cute, I ALMOST wanted to have another baby.  But then Patsy had a diaper incident and I immediately changed my mind :) 

OVERALL:  All I have to say is READ IT!  If you like YA Contemporary, or even if you don't, you'll like this one.  There's no Robots or Vampires or Aliens, but this book has LIFE in it!  If you like Stephanie Perkins or Pushing the Limits, you will love this book!

Add it to your To-Read List!!!

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Date Published: 6/14/2012
How I got this book: Library, but I will buy it!


  1. I really want to read this, and will certainly buy this next time I'll be on book shopping. This book look really good:)

  2. I was looking at this one in B&N a few days ago and I think I'm going to go back and get it now after reading your review. Thanks for sharing! (:

  3. This book sounds really great. One day I really wanna read it. :]

  4. I'm soo glad to hear you enjoyed this! This has been on my shelf for sometime now, so I definitely need to pick it up ASAP!! Can't wait! Great review! :D

    1. It really was great! Defintely a must-read :)

  5. Great review!
    I enjoyed this book so much. Tim and Nan were definitely my favorite characters to read. Tim because I LOVED him and Nan because I HATED her. Neither of them were who you expected them to be.

    1. totally agree... neither one of them turned out the way I expected AT ALL!

  6. So glad you enjoyed this, I loved your review, you definitely put this book on my TBR list! :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  7. I couldn't agree with you more about this book! It was such a refreshing read--realistic and perfectly romantic. I felt like all of the characters (and there were a lot--especially in the Garrett household!) were well-developed. But just the romance between Sam and Jase was so perfect and I actually was happy with how they were torn apart, where it was due in great part to their own choices and actions rather than the typical YA route of uncontrollable outside forces keeping the lovers apart. I much prefer seeing the couple work through their own issues to reunite, because that feels so much more genuine and romantic to me :) But this book is definitely one of my favorites!

  8. enjoy reading your review, thank you, this book has been put on my TBR list