Thursday, February 28, 2013

Peter Pan Inspired Items from Etsy/Pinterest

So for part of Project Fairy Tale, I wanted to do something shopping related.  I decided to post some of my favorite Peter Panish inspired things from Pinterest and Etsy!

Glass Acorn Necklace from Bullseye Beads
  • The glass acorn represents the "kiss" that Peter gives to Wendy in the nursery that ends up saving her life.
  • I think it's adorable and definitely not as well known as the thimble, which is cool.
Laptop Silhouette Decal by InShiningArmor
  • Clearly it's the Disney version of Peter Pan, but I think it's fun :)

  • In the book it says "Second to the right, and straight on til morning", the word star was added later.

  • This was something funny I found on Pinterest that made me laugh!
  • Would make a cute decoration in a picture frame.
  • Adorable idea... if you are rich :)
  • I suppose it could be more of a nautical themed room as well.
  • I think this is so freaking beautiful!!!
  • It would look AMAZING in a study!
  • I love signs like this for decorations!!
  • There's actually a whole Peter Pan themed party that this sign is from... someone definitely had a lot of time on their hands!
  • I thought I loved Tinkerbell... but it turns out I only love the Disney version.  That's okay, she's too damn cute to hold a grudge!
  • I think this costume is adorable.. if I have a daughter, I'd be on it!
  • I think these would be super cool for a summer evening cookout party.
  • or a nightlight for a child!!
  • So Beautiful.. and for any age!!

 Brass or Silver Charm Bracelets by HooliganAlley
  • I especially love the brass one because it looks old.
  • I really like how everyone is represented on here... Tiger Lily by a feather, Wendy by the arrow, the thimble and acorn represent the "kisses", Hook & the Pirates by the flag, the crocodlie by the clock, Neverland by the star, Michael by the bear, John by the umbrella, and Tink is there herself.
Last one...

  • I am officially obsessed with this!!
  • I saw an Alice in Wonderland one like this also and thought it would be really cool to combine the 2 or even add in other magical places!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I love Peter Pan! I think I'm going to be a whole lot poorer after visiing these etsy shops!
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

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  2. Oh my gosh! I'm obsessed with everything. That acorn necklace is too cute. And the nursery is beyond adorable. I'm off to visit these shops now. Fantastic post! :)

  3. I love the silhoute. I have been addicted to Peter Pan lately. I have watched our dvd twice since we got it.

  4. I love absolutely everything on this page! I am pinning and hearting these after I post this :) Id love to see the Alice in Wonderland page too. I hope you do one soon! The nursery is beautiful. I'd girly it up a tiny bit for a girl (me!me!) or my daughter if I ever have one and win the lotto..lolz..
    I am a new follower via Goodreads.

  5. Bella's Bookshelf

    Sorry, I forgot to add this.

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