Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Mara wakes up with no memory of the accident she and her 3 friends were in. They were in a building when it collapsed and Mara is the only one unharmed. She convinces her parents to move away and they settle in Miami where she begins going to a private school and her father has a new big case to defend.

Almost immediately she meets Noah, a boy whose reputation precedes him but she can't help but want anyway. She tries to avoid his advances, but eventually gives in. While all this is happening Mara is having episodes. Seeing things that aren't there. Then things start happening that are there and Mara thinks she might have made those things happen... or maybe she's just nuts. All she knows is she doesn't want to wind up committed and Noah seems to be the only one who can help her.

I have really complicated feelings about this book. First of all I want to say I loved the fact that I was addicted to reading it. It had an overall creepy vibe to it and I was hooked from page 1 (which happens to be a letter). On the other hand there were some things that I didn't love so much, but I still gave it a full rating because the things I didn't love made me think about this book constantly when I wasn't reading it... and I love that! I also loved the fact that I had no clue what this was about given that the title and cover don't really give anything away.  The fact that I had no expectations probably made the book even better for me.

Like I said I loved the creepy aspect of this book. The visions and the way it was written made the book for me. There also was sort of a mystery thing going on with Mara's dad's client and how that all tied in made the book so much deeper. The book in itself is just captivating. I flew through the 400+ pages like it was 100. The suspense and the fact that I just had to know if she was crazy or supernatural made me run to this book every spare chance I got. I really liked Mara's personality and attitude. She was funny, witty, sarcastic, and honest.  She told herself the truth even when the truth hurt her.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Noah. Yes he sounded dreamy and all that, but I just felt like it was too much insta-love. And I really didn't like how Mara was so dependent and weak once he came around. Noah always had to be the fixer, and I know given the things we find out about him later on in the book that part makes sense, but it doesn't mean that I have to like the fact that we have a weak, possibly mental girl and knight in shining armor. It was like Mara couldn't have one moment without Noah being a part of the solution. Also the nonkissing thing was cool for while, but can we have a kiss already? How can you love someone you've never kissed?? It sounds impossible especially given how Noah is with girls. I guess I just thought this book could've been just as good (or better) without the romance. Not every teen HAS to be in love, especially one with as many issues as Mara. I think she needed a friend more than she needed a guy. And she was strong enough to stand on her own without a guy always having to be involved.

That being said, I sort of like it when I am arguing in my head while reading a book. If a book is written as well as this one, I forgive it that the characters didn't do what I wanted them to do.

I am definitely going to read the rest of the series!! I'm hoping that there is more to all the visions and everything Mara found out about herself and Noah. I wasn't exactly thrilled that some of the revelations turned out to be exactly what they seemed to be. Maybe book 2 there is a twist? We'll see....

OVERALL: YES!! Totally recommend. It's addicting and beautiful.  It's contemporary, but it's really something a little bit more on the paranormal/supernatural side too.  If you like books with a creepy feel to it, read this!

Add it to your To-Read List!

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Date Published: 9/27/2011
How I got this book: My Broke and Bookish Secret Santa :)


  1. I really liked this book too. The only thing that bothered me was the romance as well. In the end it left me excited for the sequel which I really need to pick up. Great review

  2. I really liked this book too! Can't wait for the sequel! Thanks for the review!

  3. I have a copy of this but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. But now that it's Halloween season, I'd find time for this. Glad you liked the book. :)

  4. I so loved this book!!! It's really creepy and Noah is just oomgdfihguishg. Though the 2nd book is just meeeeeeeeh. xx