Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

Jasper Dent (aka Jazz) isn't your typical teenage boy.  He's the son of the most infamous serial killer.  Jazz grew up learning the "family business" which just happened to be murder.  But now that his dad is behind bars, Jazz has to find a way to blend in and move on, which is kind of hard to do when a new body count is piling up in the little town of Lobo's Nod.
In an effort to prove to everyone (and mostly himself) that he's not like his father, he tries to help the cops figure out who this new killer is.  After all Jazz knows how serial killers think.  He has inside knowledge of all his father's crimes, which comes in handy when there's a copycat on the loose.
As Jazz gets in deeper with the case, he has to come to some tough realizations about his past.  And decide once and for all if killing really does run in the family...

When I heard about this book, I immediately thought this would be something I would like.  I am obsessed with watching true-crime stuff on TV and I always follow interesting court cases.  Serial killers fascinate me because they just seem so alien, but yet they look like everyone else.... scary stuff!!

Anyway, this book.  It was was definitely a little darker than I thought (which was sort of dumb of me since duh, it is about serial killers).  Jazz goes through most of the book wondering if the things Billy (Dear Old Dad) taught him really stuck or not.  I was questioning it right along with him.  He couldn't even decide if he had the urge to kill or not.  And I guess being brainwashed most of your life could do that to you.  But he was thinking at points that he might actually enjoy watching someone die.  It was freaky.  So yeah I had a love/hate relationship with Jazz.  I wanted to like him, but I was afraid of him.

The details of the killings got a little in depth.  I would definitely not recommend this if you don't like hearing gory details, because there's plenty.  I really loved the off-the-wall hemophiliac best friend, Howie.  He provided a much needed comedic relief.  The fact that he was so fragile really added a layer to the story. 

I enjoyed the mystery in this book and really look forward to seeing what happens next!!  I will definitely be picking up The Game.

Overall: Disturbing and captivating all at the same time!  Jasper Dent may not be the most relatable character, but he's certainly intriguing.  A must-read for crime-thriller fans and anyone who wants a good dose of mystery.

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How I got this book: Library
Date Published: 4/3/2012

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  1. Sounds really good :)
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