Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vain by Fisher Amelie Blog Tour/Giveaway

(The Seven Deadly #1)
By: Fisher Amelie
Release Date: December 24, 2012
If you’re looking for a story about a good, humble girl, who’s been hurt by someone she thought she could trust, only to find out she’s not as vulnerable as she thought she was and discovers an empowering side of herself that falls in love with the guy who helps her find that self, blah, blah, blah...then you’re gonna’ hate my story.

Because mine is not the story you read every time you bend back the cover of the latest trend novel. It’s not the “I can do anything, now that I’ve found you/I’m misunderstood but one day you’ll find me irresistible because of it”tale. Why? Because, if I was being honest with you, I’m a complete witch. There’s nothing redeeming about me. I’m a friend using, drug abusing, sex addict from Los Angeles. I’m every girlfriend’s worst nightmare and every boy’s fantasy.

I’m Sophie Price...And this is the story about how I went from the world’s most envied girl to the girl no one wanted around and why I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

My Thoughts:

This book was pretty amazing!!  It's been a long time since I really read a blog tour book that I just 100% loved.  But this one I totally did. 

Sophie Price is rich, vain, self-absorbed, and universally adored due to her appearance.  But even though I think I was meant to hate her in the beginning of the book, I really didn't.  She had nonexistent parents, and she felt pain from rejection and fear of it.  I could totally relate to feeling like that... and crying in the shower.

So the ridiculous parents get her sent to Uganda to serve probation for a drug charge.  And where is Uganda you might ask??  Well according to Wikipedia it's a "landlocked country in East Africa, bordered by Kenya".  How the hell is Sophie going to make it there??  I don't even think I could make it there and I'm no princess (ok I kind of am).

So she goes to this orphanage and I totally expected her to be a brat about it.  But once she gets there, she's on a journey... and you're right there with her.  The orphans completely soften all of Sophie's hardness.  Then she meets Ian.

Ian sees through all of her B.S. and he doesn't like her!!  Now her fear of rejection comes out in full force.  But the more she opens her heart to her new life in Africa, the more Ian sees through to the true Sophie.  I loved the non-forcedness of the relationship in this book.  And also the way you can actually learn something about a part of the world without it being shoved at you annoyingly.  Fisher Amelie really knows how to weave all of those aspects of the story together nicely.

So the best part for me was Sophie's damage due to not being loved by her parents.  It was really apparent in all that she did throughout the book that there was this hole in her.  An emptiness that she wanted to fill by having people tell her how beautiful she was.  Then it just came to a point where she felt full without needing to feel beautiful and perfect on the outside.  It was a cool thing to read about.

Overall: Yes I definitely recommend!  It's definitely a journey kind of book... you'll go places with this one.  Very cool topic to read about!

Fisher Amelie

Fisher Amelie is the author of The Leaving Series, Callum & Harper and Thomas & January. She began her writing career as a copywriter for an internet marketing company wherein one of their client's said, 'Hey! You're funny. You should write books'. Which in turn she said, 'Hey, get out of here! This is the lady's restroom.' While washing her hands and the embarrassment from her face, she thought they may have had a valid point. So, she took the thousands of hours of writing stories growing up, tucked them into her pocket and began writing and writing and writing.

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  1. I've already read Vain and LOVED it! It's one of my favorite New Adult books, as well as a 2013 favorite :)
    That's why, I would DIE if I'd get a signed copy of it! Err, but don't let that stop you from giving it to me if I win. I swear I'll get right back to life! :>

    Anyways, awesome giveaway! thank you so much for giving us (me) the chance to win it! :>

  2. This book sounds totally awesome!! I've read some really good reviews of it.
    I'm so glad you liked it!! Great post (:

    Sapir @ Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl

  3. Already read and LOVED. It was very inspirational.

  4. Read it! Loved it! Pimped it out on my blog today. All these months later this story is still with me.

  5. Great review. I absolutely loved this book. It was so different than the typical NA romances. It is one of those books that will always stick with you I think.

  6. I bought this the other day when the ebook was on sale for 99 cents. I'm excited to read it. Great review!

  7. That synopsis/blurb bit really hooked me in! It sounds like quite an intriguing story.

  8. Wow, this sounds fantastic. I hadn't heard of it before but any book you give five stars is definitely worthy of checking out! I love the sound of this, especially how original it sounds. I've got to find myself a copy of this!

    Irene (Eureka Joe's)