Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Books Out This Week 5/26

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Katie McGarry
!!!!!So happy that this is finally out!!!!  I love Katie McGarry!  This is Beth's (from Pushing the Limits) story.  When her messed up home life forces her to go live with her aunt, she has to go to a new unfriendly school.  Then she meets Ryan, a popular kid who is dared by his friends to ask her out.  But Ryan has secrets that no one knows about him, and Beth doesn't want to let anyone in.
By: Hilary T. Smith
Kiri's parents are going away for the summer, and she has big plans that include winning The Battle of the Bands and getting Lukas to fall for her.  Her plans do not include getting a phone call from a stranger to come get her dead sister's stuff and going on an adventure that will change everything that she's thought for the last 5 years.
By: Bill Konigsberg
Rafe is coming out...again.  At Rafe's old school he was openly gay and went to other schools to give speeches about tolerance.  But Rafe is sick of being labeled, so when he transfers to an all-boys boarding school, he decides to keep his sexuality to himself.  Then he sees a classmate who's struggling, a teacher wants him to write about his journey, and he falls in love.
By: Susan J. Korman
Daisy sent her boyfriend some sexy pics, I mean who hasn't?  But after a bad breakup, Simon forwards those pictures to everyone at South Side High.  Now what is Daisy going to do?
By: Susannne Winnacker
Cool looking cover!!  Tessa can be anyone.  She has the power to absorb someones DNA and mimic their appearance.  She's been working with the FBI and now must go to small-town Oregon to catch a serial killer.  Impersonating a local teen turns out to be much more than Tessa expected.  For one, Madison has a loving-family that Tessa would die for.  And even though she's still hot on the trail of a killer, she still finds time to make friends and even find a little romance.  Being a normal girl really suits Tessa.... so what happens when this all has to end?
By: Emmy Laybourne
"The world hasn't ended... yet."  The follow-up to Monument 14, where the group of survivors has split in two groups.  Some of the kids stayed behind in the superstore, but most are on a school bus heading for the Denver airport where they hope to find help and their parents.  The outside world is a dangerous place filled with deadly chemicals that turn people into monsters and the world inside the store isn't much better when you don't know who you can trust.
Other Books Out This Week:
  • Spirit (Elemental #3) By: Brigid Kemmerer- 3rd book in the Elemental series which features Hunter.
  • My Sister's Reaper By: Dorothy Dreyer- A YA Supernatural about Zadie who brings her sister back to life and has to deal with a Reaper who wants that soul at any cost.
  • Of Triton (Of Poseidon #2) By: Anna Banks- Isn't this a really pretty cover??  It's the sequel to the mermaid book Of Poseidon in which Emma has to deal with her half-breed status.
  • Uprising (Children of the Gods #2) By: Jessica Therrien- The YA Fantasy follow-up to Oppression.
  • Goddess (Starcrossed #3) By: Josephine Angelini- The final book in the YA Mythological trilogy. 
  • Silent Harmony By: Michele Scott- About a girl who reads horses and gets to attend a prestigious riding academy.  She's given a horse that she's unable to read and it leads her into a mystery involving the previous owner's death.

These are the YA books coming out this week.  I'm going to read Dare You To starting like right now, but I also like the sounds of Overexposed and Impostor.

I hope everyone in the states has a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend :)  What are you into this week?? 


  1. Naturally I'm just as excited as you about Dare You To, but I just finished Wild Awake not expecting much and it was AMAZING!

    1. The description of Wild Awake sounds way more serious than the cover makes it seem. The cover seems happy and fun. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it, I definitely am going to read it.

  2. I actually didn't enjoy Pushing The Limits as much as everyone else - I think the hype made me go into it with too high expectations. But since I've read so many amazing reviews of Dare You To, I might have to pick it up!

    Great haul - hope you enjoy all! :D