Monday, July 29, 2013

New Books Out This Week 7/28

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

(The Lying Game #6)
By: Sara Shepard
WOOO!!!  The final book is coming out!  We finally get to know who killed Sutton!  I'm very excited about this book and extremely sad that the ABCFamily TV series was cancelled.  Now we'll never know who the killer was on the show :(

By: Carol Snow
Cutest cover ever!!  Ok maybe not ever, but really really cute!!  It's a different kind of dystopia.  Freesia lives in a perfect world where she doesn't have to think about much of anything.  But when blackouts start happening and people start disappearing, Freesia realizes something more is going on in this idyllic world.

By: Kara Taylor
After an unfortunate arson incident at her current school, Anne is forced to leave NYC and go to boarding school in Boston.  During the first week she bonds with her roommate Isabella, so when she turns up dead Anne can't help but get involved.  I read this last week and it's a really cool murder-mystery.

By: Natalie Standiford
A YA Historical Fiction about a girl studying abroad in 1982 Russia, in the height of Cold War paranoia.  Laura meets Alexei and sparks fly, but they have to keep their relationship secret or else risk her getting sent home and Alexei being put under surveillance.  As Laura's semester comes to an end, she has to decide if she's ready for a big step in her life, otherwise she'll have to leave Alexei behind.
By: Sarah Alderson
A YA Contemporary about Ren, a girl who moves to Nantucket for the summer to nanny.  While there she makes friends with the rich kids who summer there who have some dark secrets.  Plus there's a serial killer on the loose!
By: Ari Tucker
New Adult Contemporary Romance featuring a freshman at the University of Alabama and some baggage she's carrying from her past.

 Other Books Out This Week:

  • Indelible (The Twixt #1) By: Dawn Metcalf- New YA Fantasy/Paranormal series.
  • Near & Far (Lost and Found #2) By: Nicole Williams- "As Jesse’s life continues at the ranch and Rowen begins making her mark in the Seattle art community, they wonder where the middle ground is. Or if there even is one." ~Goodreads
  • Dark Spell By: Gill Arbuthnott- A 15-year-old finds out she's a witch and has to figure out how to control her powers and keep the darkness back.
  • If I Ever Get Out of Here By: Eric L. Gansworth- A Middle-Grade about 1975 on an Indian Reservation "Acclaimed adult author Eric Gansworth makes his YA debut with this wry and powerful novel about friendship, memory, and the joy of rock 'n' roll." ~Goodreads
  • Torn By: David Massey- "A war thriller. A cross-cultural love story with an undercurrent of magic realism. A powerful debut set in modern-day, battle-scarred Afghanistan. This is TORN." ~Goodreads
  • Earthbound By: Aprilynne Pike- A YA Fantasy about a sole-survivor of a plane crash who starts seeing visions.
  • Midnight Frost (Mythos Academy #5) By: Jennifer Estep- Gwen is back and so are the Reapers. 
  • All Our Pretty Songs By: Sarah McCarry- "The first book in an exciting YA trilogy, this is the story of two best friends on the verge of a terrifying divide when they begin to encounter a cast of strange and mythical characters." ~Goodreads
  • Star Power (Charly's Epic Fiascos #3) By: Kelli London- More Charly and more DRAMA
  • Love Disguised By: Lisa Klein- YA Historical Fiction about a young Will Shakespeare

I'll be reading the final Lying Game book, The Sound, and Bubble World.  I already read and liked Prep School Confidential.  What books are you liking??


  1. I have yet to pick up The Lying Game books, but I'm super depressed about the TV show being canceled.

  2. OH WOW! THE SHOW GOT CANCELED? I only just got into it and I'm now really pissed =\.. well at least the final book is out! I need to pick up the book before last then this one

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf