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Hereafter (Shadowlands #2) by Kate Brian

**Some Spoilers if you have NOT read Shadowlands**

Rory is getting used to her new reality on Juniper Landing.  She's getting to know the clique of "Lifers" and figuring out how things actually work behind the scenes, while also grappling with what her situation means for Darcy and her dad.  Meanwhile things are happening on the island that are not normal.  Plants are dying, crows and insects have shown up, and people are going into the fog and not ending up where they should.  It's hard for the locals not to blame Rory, since it did start happening with her arrival... but Rory doesn't even understand half of what is going on, let alone being able to cause it intentionally.  With so many secrets, it's hard for Rory to fix anything... and it doesn't help when Tristan is being secretive and Joaquin is the only one she can lean on. 

The SECOND BOOK!!!!  I was SO excited to read this one!  I've been pining away for it ever since I read the last page of Shadowlands.  And let me tell you, that last page certainly was a mindf*ck.  It ended with a twist that I NEVER saw coming and wasn't sure I even liked.  But after further reflection, I realized that I did like it, I just wasn't prepared for it at the time.

Anyway on to this book.  If you loved Shadowlands, you won't be disappointed with Hereafter.  With Steven Nell out of the way, another baddie reveals him/herself.  And this person is doing things that are causing the entire island to go haywire.  Poor Rory doesn't even have time to adjust to her new role (or even get all the info) before the ominous stuff starts happening.  She has no idea how to fix it, but she somehow becomes the center of all the speculation.  It seemed like everyone was keeping secrets from her and she was already in the dark about most things as it was!!  Could someone fill a girl in??

If you were hoping that book 2 would let you off a little easier than book 1.... well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I still wanted to punch myself in the face when it was over.  Mostly because I have to wait who knows how long to find out what's next.

There were only a few drawbacks.  One was that it felt a little short.  It's 320 pages, so clearly it's not that short, but it just felt that way.  I wanted MORE.  More info about how everything worked, where everybody came from and how they got to be where they are.  I think this book suffers a little from middle book syndrome in that it is transitioning from book 1 to book 3 and not giving major bulk.  That was ok for me because I loved the creepy fog, the new direction it started to head, and the fact that I was able to read it super fast.  Another thing was Rory didn't seem to grasp the idea of forever.  If she's going to be on this island for eternity, then I don't think she needed to be so dramatic about Tristan not being sure about wifing her up on the first day.  Take a breath girl, you guys have FOREVER.

OVERALL:  For book 2 of a series, I give it an A.  It held it's own and transitioned the story nicely.  I loved the creepy setting and the fact that there is ANOTHER twist.  Even though I expected the cliffhanger this time, I'm still dying over here because of it!!

This Book Contains:
  • An small town/island setting
  • Creepy fog
  • Cool leather bracelet club
  • Beach!
  • A pink princess party
  • Cliquey teens
  • Coins

My Rating:


How I got this book:  Thanks to Netgalley and Disney-Hyperion for allowing me to read and review this.
Date Published: 10/1/2013

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