Monday, November 4, 2013

New Books Out Week of 11/3

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Barbara Stewart
After a near-death experience, Elanor is able to communicate with a girl from another world.  Madeline is everything that Elanor wants to be... she's beautiful, confident, and brave.  They forge a deep connection, but Elanor knows she can't let anyone find out about it or they'll think she's crazy.  And soon even she starts believing she might be crazy.

By: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
17-year-old Cassie has an unusual gift.  She can read people and figure out everything about them from the smallest details.  Soon the FBI comes calling.  They want her to join a task force of teens with unique talents who solve cold cases.  Once in the Naturals program, Cassie finds herself in over her head when a killer starts playing a life and death game with the group.

(The Farm #2)
By: Emily McKay
The twins, now separated, must find a way to survive and carry on.  Lily and McKenna decide to leave the base camp and head to Canada while Mel must come to terms with her situation.  When Mel discovers that Lily is in serious danger, she knows she has to find her first.

(Fairy Tale Retellings #4)
By: Jackson Pearce
"Jackson Pearce, author of the acclaimed SISTERS RED and FATHOMLESS, has returned with a unique vision of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” one about power and redemption, failure and hope, and the true meaning of strength." ~Goodreads

By: Jason Vanhee
A creepy YA horror with a religious element to it.  It's the end of the world and Merciful and Gospel Truth's mother has just died.  They put her body under the kitchen table.  They turn to "The Minister" for guidance, but everything just keeps escalating.  There's a mysterious fog that's rolling in and suddenly they begin hearing their mother throughout the house.

(Palace of Spies #1)
By: Sarah Zettel
A Historical Fiction about a girl who is coerced into posing as a lady-in-waiting at the palace of King George I.  The girl she's pretending to be has disappeared and it turns out she was spying on people in the court community.  As things get more dangerous Peggy doesn't know who she can trust.

(Legend #3)
By: Marie Lu
The Legend series comes to an end.  "He is a Legend.  She is a Prodigy.  Who will be Champion?" ~Goodreads

By: C.J. Lyons
A YA Contemporary Thriller about a girl with a heart condition who has been sheltered for most of her life.  Now she's given a week trial period to prove to her parents she can make it in real high school.  Of course things do not go smoothly at school; there's bullies, embarrassing moments, overprotective parents, a crush, and throw in a thrilling mystery on top.

By: Elissa Janine Hoole
Cass is stuck in an overbearing religion that she no longer believes in.  When she's assigned to write a poem in school she wants to express herself, but can't.  Instead she starts a tarot card inspired advice blog.  When one of her posts is reported to the school as a case of cyber-bullying, her church sees it as an act of sorcery, and Cass isn't sure if she should come forward or not.

(After Eden #1)
By: Helen Douglas
When Eden crushes on new guy Ryan, she has no idea who he really is.  It turns out he's from the future and has come back to stop Eden's BFF Connor from discovering a planet which makes him famous, but also ruins the world as we know it.  Now Eden has to choose between saving the world and her best friend.

Other Books Out This Week:

The first week of the month is always jammed packed.  I really want to read The In-BetweenThe Naturals, and After Eden.  I'm also seriously thinking about getting into The Farm series.  It sounds really good!  What are you most into??


  1. Oh my god - they all sound so good, there are simply so many to chose from! I'm excited about The Naturals and Palace of Spies, and I too have strongly been considering The Farm series..

  2. I thought this was a slow week, but when I look at this post, I'm a little intimidated. Good thing I only had plans to read a few of them! And I already got the audio for Champion and Four Seconds to Lose, so I'm doing good. :)