Monday, December 30, 2013

Bang (Visions #2) by Lisa McMann

Jules got the guy... but she also gave him her visions.  Once she saved Sawyer and his family from the snow plow disaster, Jules thought everything would go back to normal.  But that didn't happen.  Soon after the big save, Sawyer comes to her and tells her that he's now seeing a vision.  And it's not as simple as stopping a crash.  This vision involves eleven loud bangs... gunshots.  Sawyer doesn't know where this shooting is going to take place and he doesn't recognize any of the people either.  In order to get Sawyer's sanity back and save innocent lives, they're going to have to decipher the clues AGAIN and try to find a way to stop it without getting themselves killed.

Ok so I just finished this book and I'm so happy to say that I loved it.  Most of the time when I read a sequel to a book I really really liked, I'm disappointed by it.  This was SO not the case here.  Bang is an awesome continuation of Crash with all the same characters and even more intensity.

Jules and Sawyer are trying to have a relationship and figure out this whole crazy vision thing. The vision that Sawyer is seeing is some kind of school shooting.  What school and when it's going down is the big mystery.  He also can't see what the shooter looks like, so there's no clues there either.  Jules is destroyed that Sawyer is seeing this stuff, and she can't help but feel responsible.  After all he did "catch" it from her.  She starts doing everything she can think of to help him, but it's hard when she can't see the vision.  She's also dealing with her parents who are trying to keep her on a short leash after all her antics and the whole canoodling with an Agnotti issue.

What I liked about this book was that I felt like we got to know Sawyer better... and find out why Jules was so into him.  I also liked that the family drama was still there, but the scary vision was much more the main focus, unlike Crash where the two feuding families had a much bigger role.  Trey and Rowan were still awesome and Jules is definitely still Jules, but she's more toned down and focused.

If you liked Crash or were even a little ehhh about it, you should definitely try this one.  In my opinion this second book was even better than the first.  It doesn't have as many cute little moments that the first book had, and I missed those parts, but it's much more intense and I think I liked that even better.  Now I just have to wait for book 3 (Gasp June 3rd) to find out why all this stuff is happening!!!

OVERALL: YES!!!  Loved this sequel to Crash even more than I loved Crash.  The intensity in this book is much higher, but the cuteness of the characters is still there.  It's definitely a series worth reading!

This Book Contains:

  • Visions
  • A school shooting
  • Domestic violence
  • A truck shaped like 2 giant meatballs!!
  • Cool sibling relationships
  • GLBT issues

My Rating:


How I got this book: Library
Date Published: 10/8/2013


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  2. I happened to pick up Crash at a local bookstore just because I had a half off coupon for a used book, and boy, I was glad I did! I flew through the pages so fast, I was back at the bookstore the next day to buy Bang! (Well played, bookstore, well played!) Haha anyways, I loved this one almost more than the first, which doesn't happen much with sequels for me!! Great review, though.

    By the way, my name is Becca *waves hand* I'm new to the blogging world. Well, I've been following blogs for about two years now, and finally got the courage to start my own. I love your blog!! If it's not too much to ask, could you check out mine and maybe follow back? Hope to hear back from you! :) I'm always ready to meet new friends! Thanks!!