Monday, March 31, 2014

New Books Out Week of 3/30

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

(Dorothy Must Die #1)
By: Danielle Paige
A retelling of The Wizard of Oz... but this time Dorothy is the evil one!!  Amy Gumm was just living a normal life in Kansas, until her trailer was swept up in a tornado and lands in Oz.  And in this Oz Dorothy is nothing like the girl Amy read about in all those books.... she's EVIL!!

By: Ava Dellaira
Laurel gets an assignment to write a letter to a dead person.  She ends up filling a notebook.  She writes to people like Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Heath Ledger, and River Phoenix... and she tells them stuff she can't talk about with anybody else.  Like how hard starting at a new high school is and how much she misses her sister May.  She also tells them how she feels like May's death might be her fault and the events that led up to that fateful night.

By: Katherine Ewell
17-year-old Kit is known as "The Perfect Killer", London's most notorious serial killer.  She's taken over the job from her mother, who began teaching her at the age of 9.  Now it's up to her to get the letters and money out of the secret box and leave bodies in her wake.

By: Anna Shinoda
Clare has been living in the shadow of her brother Luke's problems for a long time.  He's a drug addict who has been in and out of jail, but their parents are always quick to defend him.  Clare wants to believe that this time with Luke things will be different, but when the truth behind his legal troubles surfaces, she begins to realize that if she's going to have a future, she might need to cut ties with her own family.

By: Deb Caletti
Tess is still reeling after the loss of her mother, when her father insists on an impromptu road-trip to visit her grandmother.  Once there, her father takes off and she's forced to stay in this small island town.  She meets a few locals and one in particular catches her eye...

By: Jeri Smith-Ready
When David's older brother dies his already religious parents become completely devoted to a cult-like group.  Their obsession with preparations for the Rush (their term for the rapture) comes to the point where they want David and his sister to cut their ties with everything and everyone they know.  Then they come home from prom to find their parents gone....

By: Charles Benoit
Eric, Shelly, and Fatima are all being blackmailed by a mysterious caller who claims to know their secrets.  They ban together to stop whoever it is that is threatening to reveal the things they fear most.

By: Jessica Verdi
When Lexi's mother finds out about her secret (she's in love with a girl), she immediately signs her up for New Horizons, a de-gaying camp.  Lexi desperately wants to respect her mother's wishes and she vows to make an effort to change.  But once she's there she realizes that denying her feelings is harder than she thought... especially when she starts falling for someone else at the camp.

(Jasper Dent #0.1)
By: Barry Lyga
The story of how G. William Tanner tracked down the world's most notorious serial killer.

By: Gillian McCain & Legs McNeil
A true teenage diary from a girl who has cystic fibrosis, struggles with addiction, has run-ins with the law, goes to rehab, has extended hospital stays, has sex with all the wrong guys, but still has hope for life and love.

By: Alexandra Duncan
"Ava, a teenage girl living aboard the male-dominated deep space merchant ship Parastrata, faces betrayal, banishment, and death. Taking her fate into her own hands, she flees to the Gyre, a floating continent of garbage and scrap in the Pacific Ocean, in this thrilling, surprising, and thought-provoking debut novel that will appeal to fans of Across the Universe, by Beth Revis, and The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood." ~Goodreads

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

I'm so excited for April!!!  There are so many books coming out this month that are high on my most-anticipated list!  This week I'm excited for Dorothy Must Die, The Summer I Wasn't Me, Cold Calls, and the Jasper Dent book- Lucky Day (I've already read Love Letters to the Dead and did NOT love it).  What books are going on your TBR??  Or which books were you lucky enough to read already?


  1. I'm so excited for Dorothy Must Die and Love Letters to the Dead!

  2. Exciting books coming out! :) Thanks for sharing them! :)