Monday, April 14, 2014

New Books Out Week of 4/13

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Jenny Han
When Lara Jean has a crush, she doesn't tell anyone... instead she writes her crushes letters and keeps them in a box under her bed.  Now those letters have somehow been mailed, and Lara Jean has to deal with the mess of all her former crushes.

What I Thought Was True
By: Huntley Fitzpatrick
Gwen isn't from one of the rich families who live on Stony Island.  Gwen's family lives across the bridge, works hard, runs a restaurant, and cleans the houses of people who are better off.  She's working this summer too, but she didn't expect Cassidy Somers to show up as a yard boy, bring back memories she'd rather forget.

(Ashfall #3)
By: Mike Mullin
The final Ashfall book.  This book deals with figuring out a future for the post-Yellowstone world.

The Geography of Me and You
By: Jennifer E. Smith
Lucy and Owen meet in an elevator during a city blackout.  Afterwards the embark on a long-distance relationship until they can meet again.

Don't Look Back
By: Jennifer L. Armentrout
When Sam reappears after being missing, she doesn't remember anything.  She doesn't remember her perfect boyfriend, or her queen bee status at school.  She also doesn't know what happened to Cassie, who is still missing.

House of Ivy & Sorrow
By: Natalie Whipple
Josephine Hemlock, a witch, has been hiding for the last 10 years from the curse that killed her mother.  When a strange man shows up at her Nana's door, Jo knows the curse has found them.  Now they must fight to figure out who is behind the witch-hunting and put an end to the curse.

Open Road Summer
By: Emery Lord
Reagan has just broken up with her boyfriend and is ready for a drama-free summer tagging along on her country music star BFF Lilah Montgomery's tour.  But the opening act proves to be tough for Reagan to resist.

The Looking Glass
By: Jessica Arnold
Alice wakes up in a hotel lobby where she was staying with her family, and no one can see her.  She's trapped in the 19th Century version of the hotel where she is haunted by Elizabeth Blackwell.  Now she must figure out a way to break Elizabeth's curse before she becomes the hotel's next victim.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

I love April for books!!  I definitely will be reading What I Thought Was True, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and Don't Look Back.  I already read Sunrise... and if you haven't read the Ashfall series yet, you totally should, it's INTENSE!!  What books are catching your eye this week??


  1. Ahhh there are so many amazing reads out this week! I have Jenny Han and Fitzpatrick's books already pre-ordered, so can't wait for them to arrive! I've also read the best reviews for Open Road Summer, so think I need to order a copy of that too!

    1. I have Jenny Han's book, I just need to start it. And I SO need to order Huntley Fitzpatrick's!! I loved My Life Next Door!