Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Books Out Week of 4/20

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Gwendolyn Heasley
Imogene's life has been very publicly documented on her mother's "mommy blog".  Since before she was born, until now at age 15, her life has been shared and scrutinized online.  She's now given a school project to start her own blog, and she soon realizes this might be her chance to show the world her side of things and create her own identity apart from her mother's version.

By: Anne Blankman
Gretchen is living in 1930's Munich, Germany.  Her father traded his life to save the life of her uncle... who is none other than Adolf Hitler.  She hasn't known anything other than the National Socialist Party and Nazi ideals... but then she meets Daniel, a Jewish reporter who she feels a connection to.  Soon she'll have to figure out where her loyalties lie, with what the Nazi party has indoctrinated her to believe or will she dig deeper into the truth?

By: Claire LaZebnik
Anna has always felt bad about the one that got away.  She knows she messed up when she dumped Finn, but after 3 years, she knows he's still the guy for her.  But Finn hasn't forgot about the way Anna treated him and wants nothing to do with her.  Can she get him to believe that even though a lot has changed since their last kiss, that they still belong together?

(Whispering Pines #2)
By: Jen Calonita
Harper was planning on spending the summer hanging out at the pool and shopping.  That was until her parents got ahold of her credit card bill... now it's off to summer camp.  Popular Harper now finds herself at the bottom of the camp social ladder.  Can she manage to make new friends and stay out of trouble??

(Faith #2)
By: Candy Harper
Starting where Have a Little Faith left off, Faith will try to choose between Finn and Ethan and maybe get a real boyfriend?

By: Annie Cardi
Alex's mom thinks she's Amelia Earhart.  As the delusions get worse, Alex has to take care of everything around the house, babysit her little brother, and maintain normalcy at school... and pass driver's ed (something she's scared of).

By: Brooklyn Skye
Ellie's been having blackouts... and they're getting worse.  When she wakes up after 3 days in a strange guy's apartment, she knows something is really wrong with her.  With her sanity deteriorating and disturbing childhood memories seeping in, Ellie has got to find out what's happening to her.

By: Ken Baker
It's not easy for Emery being an overweight teen living in SoCal.  It's that much harder since her dad is a workout addict, her mom is a former model, and her sister is an underwear model.  When her mom signs her up for Fifty Pounds to Freedom, a reality show, she's not thrilled... but when the pounds start coming off and the ratings go through the roof, she is pleasantly happy.  Now with new found fame and a love interest, it seems everything has changed.  But is it for the better?

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

This week I'm excited for Don't Call Me Baby, Prisoner of Night and Fog, and The Last Best Kiss.  I mean, Hitler's Niece!!  And Bloggers!!  I'm definitely reading those!  What do you like this week??

PS- I hope you guys all had a Happy Easter!

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