Monday, April 28, 2014

New Books Out Week of 4/27

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Amanda Maciel
Emma Putnam committed suicide and 4 teens are charged in connection with driving her to do it.  Sara can't believe that people want to blame her.  Did she tie the rope around Emma's neck?  Sara's life used to revolve around popularity, her best friend Brielle, and her boyfriend.  Now it's visits to her lawyers office, summer school, and worrying about whether or not she's going to go to jail.  I personally loved this book and think it showed a really different POV.

By: Kevin Emerson
Summer is a band manager at PopArts Academy.  Her most recent band signed a major deal and dumped her... so when she finds a new band, she KNOWS it's a bad idea to fall for the lead singer.  But soon Summer finds herself in the role of band manager and girlfriend.  And when a big secret comes out about Caleb's long-lost father, things get even more complicated.

By: Philip Siegel
Becca breaks up couples for people via a Paypal payment of $100.  Her newest and biggest challenge is breaking up the Homecoming King and Queen, Steve and Huxley.  This is going to be her most involved break-up because these 2 are sickeningly perfect.  Also Huxley is her former BFF.  She's got all that going on plus an increasing crush on her current BFF's new boyfriend and a former victim seems to be on to her.

By: Kimberly Derting
Kyra wakes up behind a dumpster and finds that 5 years have past, while she hasn't aged a day.  Everything about her life has changed: her parents are divorced, her boyfriend is now dating her best friend, and her dad is crazily blaming her disappearance on aliens.  With no one else to turn to, Kyra looks to her boyfriend's little brother, Tyler.  Together they piece together what happened to her, learning that her father may not be as crazy as he seems... and finding out that there are others who have gone through the same thing.

By: Kim Culbertson
Carter has always enjoyed her quiet California town.  Then Hollywood shows up to film a movie with former child-star gone bad, Adam Jakes.  Carter seems to be the only one NOT enthused by the movie and Adam's arrival.  Then she is offered a role of a lifetime: pretend to be Adam's girlfriend while he's in town to improve his rep.

(Camp Boyfriend #2)
By: J.K. Rock
Alex has big payback plans for her last summer at camp.  Breaking rules and getting revenge on her parents and ex-boyfriend top the list.  But then she meets Javier, a loner who wants to fade in to the background.  Will Alex be able to tone down her attention-getting personality and have a perfect summer with Javier?

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

I've already read (and LOVED) Tease!  Other than that, I really would like to read The Taking, The Break-Up Artist, and MAYBE Catch a Falling Star.  What do you think of these books?  Anything look good to you?

PS- May is coming soon and you know what that means???  BEA!!!!

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