Friday, December 26, 2014

Books Out For The Month of December

These are the books I'm obsessing over this entire month:

(Pretty Little Liars #16)
By: Sara Shepard
The FINAL book!!!  Supposedly.  The 4 Liars go on trial for Ali's death in this final wrap-up.

(Pushing the Limits #1.5)
By: Katie McGarry
A new full-length book about Echo & Noah!!!  They go on a roadtrip out west and Echo tries to figure out if she can put her past behind her.

(A Wicked Saga #1)
By: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Ivy is a Fae-hunter in New Orleans, committed to the Order in protecting humans from these wicked creatures.  When Ivy meets up with a Faerie that she believes to be an Ancient (previously thought to be extinct & unkill-able members of the Fae), Hot Guy Ren shows up.  Apparently he's in a section of the Order who hunts down Ancients.... and sparks fly.

By: Liz Czukas
Chloe and her coworkers have just been accused of stealing $10,000.  Now they're locked in "work jail" until they can figure out who did and clear their names.

By: Katie Dale
Lou meets Christian and falls head over heels.  But Christian is hiding something big.  He won't talk about his past or his family... and when it all comes out Lou doesn't know what to believe or if she's even safe with Christian anymore.

By: Romina Russell
Rho lives in House Cancer, one of 12 houses in the Zodiac Galaxy.  She doesn't read astrology like her classmates do.  Instead of measurements and math, she sees patterns in the stars.  When her planet comes under attack and Rho becomes the leader, she begins to suspect that the exiled 13th Guardian of Zodiac from the legends is behind it.

By: Alexandra Monir
After her parents' death, Imogen moves to New York city.  But when she receives word that her cousin has died, she reluctantly returns to her family's estate in England to claim her role as duchess.  Rockford Manor is more than just a house.  It's full of mystery and secrets.

By: Jaye Robin Brown
Amber is preparing for the audition of her life: singing for entrance into the North Carolina School of the Arts.  Her BFF's older brother, Will, is helping her prepare... and the more he helps, the more complicated their relationship gets.  When family problems strike, Amber has to decide what to do... does she follow her dreams or help the people she loves?

By: Alison Cherry
Claire's always been in her adventurous older sister's shadow.  Now when Miranda finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, Claire comes up with a plan.  Compete on the reality show Around the Globe as a sister duo.  But Claire soon finds out that reality TV isn't always REAL.

(Duplexity #1)
By: Amy K. Nichols
Danny finds himself in a parallel universe, where his friends are his enemies and the alluring girl he once kissed is a science geek.  Eevee is now his only chance at figuring out how to get home.

By: Frank Portman
Sequel to King Dork.

By: Stacey Jay
Billed as Game of Thrones meets Grimm, featuring Sleeping Beauty's daughter as a warrior fighting to reclaim her throne.

(Starbound #2)
By: Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
2nd book in the Starbound Trilogy!

By: Jessica Sorensen
Emery is perfect on the outside, but inside she's damaged.  Ryler is the outcast.  Goth, punk, and Mute.  People are afraid of him, and he's got secrets underneath all those tattoos and piercings.

By: Josh Sundquist
A YA nonfiction memoir about a guy who tracks down everyone who rejected him to find out why he's still single.

By: Donna Jo Napoli
A companion to Hush.  Brigid was lost at sea when her sister taken captive on a slave ship.  Now she disguises herself as a boy and vows to find her sister.

By: Alexis Bass
Aubrey and her friends subscribe to a few simple rules: don't commit, don't be needy, and don't give away your heart.  But when Nathan transfers to their school, Aubrey finds herself in danger of breaking all the rules including: Don't fall in love.

Other Books Out This Month:

So many books!!  I sadly do want to finish the PLL series (I know, I know... I can't help my guilty pleasures).  Also definitely want to read Top Ten Clues You're Clueless, Breaking the Rules, Little White Lies, Love and Other Theories, and Now That You're Here.  What are you guys reading before the new year??


  1. I'm excited to read Breaking the Rules, Wicked, and Unbeautiful! I've read No Place to Fall and Love and Other Theories. No Place to Fall was good but I didn't care too much for Love and Other Theories unfortunately.

  2. Love the covers on some of this books. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was able to get and ARC of For Real and I absolutely loved it! It was a really good book with a great message. I've added some of these other books to me TBR list but I haven't gotten around to them yet.

  4. so many that are on mu list too... Ticker I bought on audio. can't wait to get to it.Also hae We should hang out sometime and this shattered world on audio. So excited for Zodiac. Great list.