Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Books Out Week of 1/18

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

(This is Not a Test #2)
By: Courtney Summers
It's here!!!!  The novella sequel to This is Not a Test follows Rhys as he's separated from Sloane and tries to find a way back to her and safety.
(Embassy Row #1)
By: Ally Carter
Grace, the granddaughter of the most powerful ambassador in the world, is trying to dig through an international conspiracy to solve the mystery of her mother's death.
By: Norah Olsen
Sisters Alyson and Sydney get caught up in the boy next door Graham for different reasons.  Alyson because she feels she's found a kindred spirit, and Sydney because all her instincts say that this guy is a psycho.
By: Shaun Hutchinson
After an accident killed his family, Andrew won't leave the hospital, sleeping in a supply closet and becoming friends with the patients and staff.  Then a boy named Rusty comes in badly burned, and Andrew begins to feel like maybe there life outside the hospital for him after all.
By: Willa Strayhorn
5 teens with different problems sit around a bonfire and perform an exercise... they trade totems, "adopting" each other's sorrows.  The next morning it turns out it wasn't just an exercise, it's real.
By: Michael Christie
Will grows up with an agoraphobic mother and has never ventured outside of his house.  Now for the first time, he's tentatively braving the outside world and finding it's not as bad as he expected.  He meets a friend named Jonah and they embark on an adventure to uncover a mystery surrounding a missing boy.
Other Books Coming Out This Week:


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  1. I just got the second Veronica Mars book! I'm really hoping it's as good as the first!