Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Books Out Week of 2/1

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Heather Demetrios
Skylar has one more summer left of minimum wage jobs before she can escape her suffocating town and head off to art school.... but then her mother loses her job and the future becomes less certain.  Josh's way out was joining the Marines.  But after getting wounded in Afghanistan, he returns to work at the same motel as Skylar.

(Alienated #2)
By: Melissa Landers
The sequel to Alienated.  Cara is on planet L'eihr trying to fit in and make a life for herself and Aelyx.  Meanwhile, Aelyx is on Earth trying to mend the alliance between the 2 planets.

By: Megan Miranda
In a future America, soul-fingerprinting has become possible.  Now scientists can see who your soul belonged to in previous lives and punish you for it.

By: Vivi Barnes
When Alex is caught shoplifting at SmartMart, she's forced into a summer job working there.  And her manager just happens to be the super cute, school geek.

(The Lunar Chronicles #2.5)
By: Marissa Meyer
Another Lunar Chronicles novella!!!  I love Captain Thorne, so I can't wait to read it :)

By: Lisa Brown Roberts
When Darcy's father's business goes under, her privilege life ceases to exist... and her dad leaves her high and dry.  Now she's reconnected with her quirky uncle who owns a thrift shop and being opened up to a whole new world.

By: Nicole Maggi
When Georgie receives a heart transplant, she starts having feelings that can only be explained as coming from the donor.  When she looks deeper into who the donor was, she finds that her death was a mystery, and she needs to unravel it.

By: Abbie Rushton
Megan doesn't speak.  The things inside her head must not be said out loud.  Then Jasmine starts at her school, and  she starts to think that finding her voice with the help of Jasmine seems possible.

By: Maya Rock
In this thriller/dystopian, Nettie stars in a reality show where you get cut if your ratings drop... and no one knows what happens to those people.  Life on idyllic Blissful Days seems better than what life is like on the war-torn mainland, but when Nettie is pushed to improve her ratings, she sees that things are just as dangerous here too.

By: Melinda Salisbury
Twylla is a Goddess who kills anyone she touches.  She lives in the castle and is engaged to the prince, but when people are afraid to touch you life can be lonely.  When a new guard comes to the castle, he sees past her Goddess title to the girl beneath.  Now with treason on her mind Twylla is asked to carry out a wicked plan for the queen...

(True Love #3)
By: Kieran Scott
3rd book in this Contemporary/Mythology series.

By: Cat Hellisen
A MG retelling where the GIRL is the Beast!!

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

I can't wait to read I'll Meet You There... I've heard SO many good things!!!  Also Soulprint and Scripted look interesting :)  What are you reading??

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  1. WOW! There are so many great books on your list, I was getting so excited I just had to stop. I want to read almost all of them! Thanks for reminding me that I should stop trying to clean up my house and pack boxes as we think we are moving within a month and get reading. lol