Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Books Coming Out Week of 5/17

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Sarvenaz Tash
Michael and Cora are both at Woodstock for different reasons, and when they meet sparks fly.

By: Jessica Warman
When Sam's younger sister was kidnapped by an intruder, her and Remy, a friend that was sleeping over, pointed at Sam's older sister's boyfriend.  Now ten years later, Sam wonders if they saw what they thought they saw.

(Once Upon a Crime Family #1)
By: Tiffany Schmidt
Penelope is the daughter in a powerful crime family which sells organs on the black market.  She's always wanted to be more involved, but since she has a rare auto-immune disorder (which causes her to bruise/bleed at the slightest touch) she's largely left out of the loop.  When circumstance force her into the middle of the family's power struggle, she gets a taste of freedom for the first time, and has the chance to prove she's stronger than everyone's been giving her credit for.

By: Francesca Zappia
Alex fights against her schizophrenia everyday and struggles to tell the difference between reality and delusions.  After getting into college, she begins experiencing all the rites of passage that every other teen goes through... but when Alex is only used to crazy, she's not ready for normal.

(Killer Instinct #2)
By: S.E. Green
Lane has a copycat, who is killing defenseless people, and she knows she must stop him/her.  She also is battling inner demons as the death of The Decapitator affected her more than she expected.

(Between the Lines #2)
By: Jodi Picoult & Samantha van Leer
A companion to Between the Lines, but can also be read as a standalone.  Delilah wished her book boyfriend, Oliver, into real life.  Oliver is learning the ropes in the real world, but also the book wants him back.  How will they get their fairy tale ending if they are living in different worlds?

By: Brian Katcher
Ana and Zac go to Washingcon, a sci-fi convention, to look for her rogue brother before he gets himself in trouble.

(Stranje House #1)
By: Kathleen Baldwin
It's 1814, and Georgie is being sent to the Strange House to be reformed into a marriageable lady.  But the headmistress has other ideas for these women, ones that include a world of spies and espionage.

By: Karen McQuestion
When Emma's dying boyfriend makes a stunning recovery, she thinks it's a miracle.  Then she finds a mysterious object on his farm, and government agents show up to get it.  Can Emma and Lucas evade agents long enough to save his life?

By: Elena Dunkle & Claire B. Dunkle
A nonfiction memoir about a girl suffering from anorexia.

By: Kelly Loy Gilbert
Braden's Christian radio host father has just been arrested for murder and Braden is going to be the key witness at trial.  What he says on the stand could seal his father's fate one way or the other.  On top of that, his estranged brother has returned to be his caregiver, and his baseball career is quickly becoming more complicated than it's ever been.

By: Hilary T. Smith
Annabeth and Noe have always made big plans for their future.  But now Noe is growing away from Annabeth, and with her family life in disarray, she has to figure out who she is and where she's going on her own.

By: Chris Lynch
Arlo loves the game of football, and he loves hitting hard.  When people worry that he's taking one too many shots to the head, he doesn't worry because he can play through the dizziness and the pain.

By: Meg Cabot
Mia Thermopolis shows up in New Jersey to tell 12 year old Olivia she is her long-lost half-sister.  So what happens when you go from an awkward, normal middle schooler, to a princess?

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

Late, late, late.  But I still wanted to get this out because I like having a record of what's already out.  I really want to read Three Day Summer.  I love the idea of a YA book set at Woodstock.  I also think The Last Good Day of the Year sound like a great mystery... and I love those thriller/mysteries!!  From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess makes me happy because I hope a whole new generation gets to fall in love with The Princess Diaries.  What are you reading this week??

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