Thursday, May 14, 2015

So Obsessed.... (6)

Between the Broke and Bookish Secret Santa and the On the Same Page Secret Sister Project, it's got me thinking about stuff I like, stuff my friends like, and my changing obsessions in general.  So I decided to start telling you guys what my obsessions are when I get them.

These are the things I've been obsessing over this week:

Switched at Birth

  • So I started watching Switched at Birth on Netflix.  New ADDICTION!!!  Umm HELLO Blair Redford, AKA Ethan from The Lying Game!!  I've missed you!  Oh yeah, and that annoying girl from the Lifetime movie Restless Virgins is in it... could live with out her. 
  • Also Emmett is adorable.  Somebody must end up dating him right??  Actually don't tell me.  I don't know anything about this show and I don't want to.
  • I also officially feel really old because Lea Thompson plays the mom and to me she'll always be Marty McFly's teenage mother.

*Ethan & Emma Forever*


  • I'll Give You the Sun has taken over my life completely.  I mean HOW??  How is it possible to write like this?  It makes me want to feel every emotion at the same time until I might be sick.  It's been a loooong time since I've felt this way about a book and about the writing in the book. Everything about this book is amazing.  The person (or alien) who writes this is a genius.  The book is seriously everything.  Please read it!
  • I'm going to turn to random pages and write whatever sentence catches my eye so that you can get a feel for how freaking beautiful this book is:  
"We exhale together, then inhale together, exhale, inhale, in and out, out and in, until not even the trees remember what happened in the woods yesterday, until Mom and Dad's voices turn from mad to music, until we're not only one age, but one complete and whole person."

"People think people are in charge, but they're wrong; it's the trees."

"I start to run, start to turn into air, the blue careening off the sky, careening after me, as I sink into green, shades and shades of it, blending and spinning into yellow, freaking yellow, then head on colliding into the punk-hair purple of lupine: everywhere."

"We walk and walk through the gray ashy dusk and the forest starts to fall asleep: The trees lie down side by side, the creek halts, the plants sink back into the earth, the animals switch places with their shadows, and then, so do we."

  • and I swear those are completely randoms.  I don't even think I could pick out favorite quotes from this book.  It's too special.

Fifth Harmony

  • I loved Fifth Harmony on The X-Factor.  Thought they were super cute, especially Camila Cabello- she's just adorable.  I mean yeah, the age of their average fan is probably like 14, but I don't care.  I love their newest song Worth It.  So fun!!
  • PS- I also just found out Emblem3 (another X-Factor group, this one consisting of 3 hot guys) broke up :(  That makes me sad.  They had that one popular song (Chloe) and I could so see them making it.  Bummer.

What are you obsessed with this week?

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  1. I'll Give You The Sun is SO SO GOOD!

    I actually started a new TV series (that is a hard feat for me), Orphan Black, and I am totally all up in that at the moment!

    1. "Up in that" I like it!!! Orphan Black sounds good. I haven't been into a Sci-Fi show in forever!