Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New YA Releases Coming Out Week of 7/5

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Lynn Weingarten
When June's best friend, Delia, is found dead, she's told it's suicide.  Convinced that Delia was murdered, June feels she owes it to her friend to find out the truth.

By: B.T. Gottfred
The story of 2 teens falling in love for the first time.

By: Lara Avery
When one twin dies, the other takes her place in order to shield the boyfriend, who is deployed in Afghanistan, from having to deal with the loss while he's oversees.

(Hundred Oaks)
By: Miranda Kenneally
Maya is paired with Jesse Scott, Nashville's teen idol, for career mentoring day.  He reminds her of everything she'll never have since her band broke up, and he's irritated that she's willing to rely on other people to achieve her dream.

By: Hannah Jayne
Two boys go missing in the woods and Avery, the detective's daughter, is the one to find the only one who survived.  When Adam's body is found, people start questioning whether Fletcher is a victim or if he's the guilty one.

By: Meg Haston
A girl committed to an eating disorder clinic secretly plans to commit suicide on the anniversary of her brother's death, a death she believes she caused.

By: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
A girl goes to live with her sister, a high-powered PR girl known for making politician's scandals go away.  Tess finds herself following in big sis's footsteps when becomes a "fixer" at her elite prep-school.

(The Great Library #1)
By: Rachel Caine
A sci-fi about a world where the Great Library controls all access to knowledge and physical books are completely banned.  Jess and his family work in the black market, selling illegal books.  He goes undercover as a spy for his family and ends up questioning a lot of things, and in fear for his life.

By: Danielle Vega
When Casey and her friends go to a "Survive the Night" rave in a New York subway tunnel, they don't expect it to become literal.  But after Casey finds a body down there, they also find all the manhole covers sealed.  Will they survive whatever is hunting them?

By: M. Beth Bloom
A wannabe writer decides to spend her summer before college creating moments and experiences to write about.

Rerelease of a 90's Favorite:

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

I still can't believe it's July already!!  Since today's my birthday... or as I like to call it "my special day" (so I can try to forget that I'm getting older).... I wouldn't mind getting a bunch of these books.  I'm going to read Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls next.  I also want tor read Forever a Year, Survive the Night, Ink and Bone, and The Escape.  And a few others....

What are you liking as we start July off??

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :) At my age birthdays start becoming rough!

  2. Don't Ever Change sounds interesting! Happy bBirthday!!!

  3. Yes I think so too!! I like the idea of a writer writing about wanting to be a writer :)

  4. So many great books! I read Forever For a Year a while ago and really enjoyed it, though it's definitely not for everyone. I've seen many negative reviews for Don't Ever Change, but I loved it! Jesse's Girl and You and Me and Him are also excellent.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  5. Paperweight sounds intense! Just my kind of book. 😊

    Belated happy birthday, Michelle! We're both July babies! 😁🎁 Cheers! 🍻