Monday, September 14, 2015

New YA Releases for the Week of 9/13

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Leila Sales
A girl who is sick of being everybody's problem solver, goes to NYC to track down a blogger, and has one crazy night.

By: Julie Murphy
Willowdean is comfortable in her own skin.  She's not a size 2, but that doesn't bother her one bit.  Her confidence is shaken though when a hot boy takes interest in her.  In order to get her groove back she decides to enter the Miss Clover City beauty pageant.

By: Kat Spears
When Jason's younger sister dies, and his friends all drift away, he meets a girl who sees him for the person he wishes he was.

By: Tracy Bilen
Kate was sent to live with her aunt at a ski school when her parents were killed.  When her aunt is hit by a car and FBI holds her at gunpoint, she realizes that something much bigger is at play.  Now her and Ryan (a boy from the ski school) are on the run and trying to stop a terrorist plot.

By: Dawn Kurtagich
When a diary is found, a 2-decade old case where 3 teens died in a fire is reopened.

By: Sarah Crossan
A story of conjoined twins.

By: Brian Selznick
A story in pictures and in prose.  One starts in 1766 and follows the lone survivor of a shipwreck and five generations of his family, the other starts in 1990 and follows a boy who has run away to his uncle's mysterious house.

By: Anna-Marie McLemore
A Romeo and Juliet story that mixes magic, mermaids, tightrope walkers, and love.

By: Katherine Howe
A film student meets a mysterious girl in NYC and falls for her.  But what is she hiding?

By: Heather W. Petty
A modern-day Sherlock Holmes story.  Sherlock "Lock" and "Mori" challenge each other to solve a murder before the other one does.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

So many I want to read!!  Definitely Tonight the Streets Are Ours, Dumplin', The Dead House, and The Marvels.  I'm reading Breakaway now :)  What's going on your wishlists from this list?

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