Friday, November 6, 2015

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle #3) by Maggie Stiefvater

Maura is gone and Blue thought for sure she would be back for the start of Senior year, but she's still underground, and Blue feels all types of ways about it... mostly anger.  While the gang continues their quest, they are told that there are 3 sleepers under them, and that one of them is NOT to be woken.

Meanwhile, Greenmantle shows up as the new Latin teacher at Aglionby.  He's after Mr. Gray and determined to get the greywaren.  This development fuels Ronan to find a way to get revenge on his father's death, and uses Adam to help him.

As they venture in and out of the caves things begin to become more dangerous and while some answers come, many more are raised...

I just cannot read these books fast at all.  I love them, the writing is so epically beautiful, the story is creative, the characters developed like WOAH.  It's just not a book I can read in a day or two.  I thought maybe the first 2 were a fluke, but no I've realized I'm just not meant to read these in normal reading time.

My Fave Parts: The friendship between Blue and the boys has been completely solidified.  I truly enjoyed reading about the way these people depend on and care about one another.  I was also supremely happy that Adam got a bit of redemption.  He is my favorite character (mostly because I feel like his story is the most relatable and real of the crew), but he went through a rough patch in Dream Thieves.  That made me sad because I could feel readers becoming annoyed with him and I hated that.  Now I feel like everyone is clear to like Adam again... although, sigh.... probably not Blue :(

The New Villains: Greenmantle and his wife Piper show up in Henrietta, and I think Piper might be my favorite bad guy so far in this series.  I do miss Kavinsky and the way I wanted to like him despite his crazy, but these 2 more than make up for his loss.  I think the fact that Greenmantle comes in all "I ruin lives", but Piper totally trumps him as the more dominant villain, was awesome.  I love seeing a woman in YA who is fully capable to be just as diabolical as the men.  And Piper was all sorts of resourceful... girl gets things done!

Not that I didn't like or appreciate this book, but it definitely felt like a giant lead-in to The Raven King.  It's going through all the motions of setting things up for the final gig.  Part of me can't wait for it and part of me is really sad because I know Gansey is going to die... and I'm also a little scared of change that's bound to come once Glendower is found.  I want these 5 to be together forever.

I enjoyed the twist at the end and also the way one of the character's is killed off.  Don't get me wrong, I was sad to see him/her go, but I felt like it was done in a smart, backwards way.  Of course, I still had moments that I'm sure went over my head because Maggie is too smart for me.  The little things that she put into this series are endless, and I know I'm not going to catch everything unless I reread several times.

OVERALL: A solid book in this series that equally made me ready/not ready for the final book.  I really enjoyed the friendship in this book and a lot of the new characters brought interesting things in as well.  Definitely a must-read for Raven Cycle lovers!

This Book Contains:

  • Magic
  • Caves
  • Henrietta, VA
  • Friendship
  • Abandonment
  • A service dog
  • A centuries old woman
  • New characters
  • New secrets
  • Death
  • Chainsaw, Ronan's bird

My Rating: 4/4

Date Published: 10/21/2014
How I got this book: Library
Publisher: Scholastic Press

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  1. I keep saying I'm going to start this series and I've yet to. I'm thinking next year. Nice review!

    1. I love the series so much, and I usually don't read fantasy. I hope you do read this... next year would be perfect because April the final book comes out!!