Friday, December 18, 2015

Share the Love Friday (2)

Inspired by THIS post at, I decided every Friday I'm going to start sharing things in the book blogging community.  Maybe it'll be some awesome post or new feature a blogger has put together, maybe it'll be a blog that I want to share with you all.  All I know is I want this community to be a better, nicer, happier, more helpful place, and I'm going to do my part to spread the LOVE.

-I also want to ask for your help!  If you know of any blog or a feature that a blog does that you think should be shared to the rest of the book community, please tell me HERE.  It would be so helpful :)

1.  Bookmark Lit

  • I just found this blog in the past few months and I really really LOVE it!!  First of all, THE DESIGN!!  So pretty!  And all her posts have additional graphics in them that are lovely.  It's all flowers and feathers and pink and cursive.  Blog design is really important for me.  I know it should be more about the content, but I need both to want to be a regular visitor.  Luckily, this blog has both :)  Lauren reads a lot of the same books I do, so I personally relate to her reviews, but she also does a bunch of other things that are worth checking out.  She does buddy reads, recommendations lists, really interesting discussion posts, and this really cool thing called INSIDE OUT.  It's where a guest comes on her blog and posts a pic of a book cover that they love and a bookmark to go with it.  Such a cute idea... especially because I'm obsessed with both covers and bookmarks.  And it goes with her blog name :)  I hope I can be a guest on there someday.  Anyhow definitely check out Bookmark Lit.

2.  Social Media Support Sunday

  • So Brittany over at The Book Addict's Guide is always coming up with unique and creative ideas.  My favorite thing about her blog is that you won't go there and feel like you're just reading the same stuff as 100 other blogs... it's always fresh and fun.  But while she does a BUNCH of things I could talk about, what I want to share today is her Social Media Support Sunday posts.  This is a feature where she shares the best ways to maximize social media in use with your blogs.  I love that she is really detailed in how she shares information.  She has a lot of screenshots and bullets and sections.  I mean, I know most of us know about social media, but I found a lot of her tips to be something new.  Like the one she did on Pinterest- I didn't ever think about making my Pinterest a business account, but now that I did, I love it so much better!!  My posts on Pinterest look SO much more professional!!  But even if you are in the KNOW of all her tips, you can always share your accounts in her linky and find new people to follow!

3.  A Very Handmade Holiday

  • Jamie at The Perpetual Page-turner has been doing her A Very Handmade Holiday for at least 2 years now.  She features super creative people who have agreed to offer giveaways of their goodies!!  It's such a nice thing to do!!  All of the goodies are usually bookish... they're the things I see on Etsy and WISH I could make.  I hope I win something this year :)

4.  Book Blogging Tips from The Bookavid

  • I love when people do book blogging tips!!  It's a great way to share the info... especially since it sometimes seems that people keep their blogging secrets so close to them.  As a new blogger, every time I found a tip post, I learned so much.  And even now I learn stuff (see: Social Media Support Sunday LOL).  Anyhow, Jen at The Bookavid has one of my favorite Tips posts.  She posts stuff for newbies (like- Mistakes Newbies Make, Are You Ready To Start Your Own Blog, How To Install Social Media Icons, etc.), but I've been blogging for 3 years and I still get valuable knowledge out of them (like- Why I Regret Having Started Out With Blogger, Do You Need To Post Everyday To Be Successful, etc.).  Plus even as a vet., it's always fun to compare experiences.  I definitely recommend looking through these posts... especially if you're new :)  And if you are new- HELLO!!  Let's be friends!!  I always wish people would reach out to me more!

5.  Beauty and the Bookshelf

  • Beauty and the Bookshelf is a blog run by Rachel that I have followed for a looooong time.  I really like that she keeps things real... and she's also really fun on Twitter and Instagram.  She takes all kinds of interesting photos that really go for it.  The thing I like about her blog is that I always find new books to consider that are out of my comfort zone, while also reading about books that are right there in zone.  She's definitely worth checking out!  Also, Yay for Washington State... it's always nice to see the perspective from someone on the opposite coast from me :)

So this is my 2nd week sharing the love and I'm having a lot of fun.  Also, I don't want you guys to think I'm just featuring my "friends" because I'm not.  I don't actually have a lot of blog friends even though I've been doing this a long time.  I guess I just have a hard time getting "close" to people over the Internet.  I've also become slightly disillusioned by the cliques that have popped up over the years.  I love blogging and I love bloggers, but I don't love popularity contests.  I'm never going to win those, and I don't like to play if I can't win :)  On another note, I'm not the most optimistic and positive person in the world, and I want to change that!  I obviously can't change my whole personality, but this post is one step in the right direction I hope :)  I hope everyone had a fab week!!  1 week until Christmas!!!!

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  1. Thank-you so much for sharing this! I'm always looking for new blogs to follow, so this is really helpful. It's so nice to spread some more positivity around the book blogging community, so this feature is such a lovely idea. Thank-you, Michelle! ♥

    Denise | The Bibliolater

    1. Thank you for saying that. I really do want to do my part in making the book blogging community more positive. All I want out of this place is to talk and die over books and make friends w/ cool people :) I don't want to be competitive, jealous, and catty. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  2. This is such a great feature!! I'm all about sharing the bloggy love. <3

  3. I love Bookmark Lit too!! I have been following Beauty and the Bookshelf and The Bookavid for a while now and they are both so awesome. I need to check out the two features you mentioned. Great post!!

  4. This week featured 4 of my favorite bloggers and 1 new one that I added to my feed! I'm really loving these weekly recommendations<3!

  5. I haven't read either of these blogs before, but just spent some time on both and they look great. Thank you! :)

  6. Oh my lord I just saw this and I'm actually in tears, this is so sweet!!!!! Thank you so so so much for mentioning my feature!