Monday, December 7, 2015

The Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Tim, the boy who only knows how to be a screw up, is trying hard to turn it around.  He's in AA, studying for his GED, and getting away from his toxic family.  But that doesn't mean he's ready to forgive himself for all those mistakes.  No one's harder on Tim than Tim.

Now that he's living in the Garrett's garage apartment, it puts him in close proximity to Alice.  He knows falling for Alice will most likely end badly for him, but when did that ever stop him before?  Alice can't believe she might actually like her younger brother's friend.  She's been perfectly content going through a stream of guys who let her walk all over them.  But there's something about Tim that makes her want to put herself out there....

Then Tim's road to staying sober gets majorly tested when something from the past comes back to haunt him.

Huntley Fitzpatrick writes books that make me feel like I'm not even reading.  There's just something about the way she tells stories, that I feel like I'm right there in the scenes.  Not many authors can make me feel like that.  She's truly a talent.

I was SO excited to get right back into the Garrett family.  I mean, there's Jase with his hotness, Andi with her TMI, awkward, excessive questions, George with all his random facts and fears, and Patsy and her adorable Tim obsession.  How can you not love these people??  As much as I could NEVER handle a family that large, it still warms my heart to read about such a close-knit, honest, chaotic family.  I loved how they're not only there for their own, but they manage to give as much to friends like Tim and Sam as well.

I wish, wish, wish I could talk more about what this book is about!!  I mean the entire book is really about this one giant thing that happens to Tim... but I think telling you would be a spoiler :(  It's not mentioned in the synopsis, so I guess I can't go there, which basically sucks all the TALK out of my review.  Tim and Alice are cute, of course, but this book isn't actually about that.  That is a side thing going on while this big LIFE thing is happening with Tim.  But since I can talk about Alice & Tim, I will.   I liked that Alice had a mini-journey (internally) to go on, but I didn't really think she needed to be a narrator in this book.  The narration switches back-and-forth from Tim to Alice, but I feel like her story could have easily been told through Tim and the book would have been stronger if it was.  I didn't mind her parts, but I just didn't think her inner dialogue was necessary.

I know a lot of people have not been a fan of the situation that comes up for Tim, but I didn't mind it. I thought it brought something new to the YA table... I just didn't care for the way the ending went.  It was too... something.  It wasn't a HEA exactly, but I did feel a little like things went a tad unbelievable as the end neared.

I don't think I liked this book as much as My Life Next Door.  Jase and Sam were just too darn cute to be taken down by Tim and Alice... but I still really really really liked this book.  In the midst of a dreadful reading slump, this was able to suck me in and keep me reading... and that's saying a lot!!  I also adore the Garretts and would love any excuse to read about them!

NOTE: I know this is supposed to be a standalone, but if you ask me, I think you need to read My Life Next Door first.  There's a lot of talk about events that happened in MLND without much recapping at all.  I know I would've been super confused reading about Mr. Garrett's accident and Jase and Sam because neither situation is really explained well.

OVERALL: YES!!  So glad that the Garretts were back in my life.  I didn't like this book as much as My Life Next Door, but that's only because Jase and Sam were so ridiculously cute.  Almost no one could overtake my love for them.  I enjoyed Tim's complicated story, but didn't love love the ending.  I will read everything that Huntley Fitzpatrick writes because it is so addicting and magical.... and so should you!!

This Book Contains:
  • Love
  • Family
  • Adorable little kids
  • Stony Bay, Connecticut
  • Addiction
  • Sexy times
  • Nan- Tim's sister is back, and yes, she still sucks
  • Sam & Jase are back, but not in large quantities
  • The beach
  • Christmas

My Rating: 4/4

Date Published: 8/18/2015
How I got this book: Purchased
Publisher: Dial Books (Penguin)

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  1. I didn't like this one as much as My Life Next Door. I didn't mind the Tim plotline but I agree the ending felt rushed and not true to the book. I also didn't like Huntley's second book either. :( I wish I did. I'm hoping whatever her next one is I will really really like otherwise I am worried I will only love one book by her!

  2. Ahhh I am so glad to read good things about this book. I loooved MLND, and I was so super stoked when I saw this book was being released. Great review. I can't wait to find out what happens to Tim! I also love that Christmas is in this book. Everything is better with a little Christmas sprinkled in. Thanks for the awesome review!

    ~ Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover