Thursday, April 7, 2016

New YA Releases for the Week of 4/3

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Jesse Andrews
3 jazz band campers skip out and go on an epic road trip to play music at random places.

By: Danielle Rollins
When a 10-year-old and a science program show up to juvie, things start getting weird.

By: Amy Spalding
Jules, a type-A and newly anointed editor of her school's paper, finds her life going off-course when a former boy-bander shows up at school-- and a TV news show rivals her paper for the number one news spot.

By: Julie Buxbaum
When a girl has to move to LA to start a new prep-school, she gets help from a secret online mystery person who tells her the ins and outs to making it here.

By: Robin Reul
Hank almost burns his crushes house down trying to ask her to prom, which catches the attention of another girl, Peyton-- a budding pyromaniac.

By: Jessica Brody
3 boys prepare for another summer at Winlock Harbor.  But major life changes have come to all 3 boys and some of those changes threaten to pull them apart.

By: Emery Lord
A whirlwind relationship forms between Jonah-- a boy who has suffered a loss of a loved one, and Vivi-- a girl who has a mental illness.

By: Deb Caletti
When a girl escaping her mother for the summer finds the dead body of a woman, she befriends the woman's son.

(Nerd #2)
By: Leah Rae Miller
When Dan goes from live-action role-playing dork to basketball hero, his crush on nerd-girl Zelda gets, well, crushed.  When Zelda gets humiliated by Dan, she decides it's time for revenge.

By: Monica Hesse
A girl living in Amsterdam in 1943, sells black-market goods behind the Nazi's backs, and get drawn into the mystery of a missing Jewish teenager.

By: Richelle Mead
A countess disguises herself as a servant in order to escape an arranged marriage.

(Rebel Belle #3)
By: Rachel Hawkins
The finale for this Paranormal/Fantasy series.

(The Fine Art of Pretending #2)
By: Rachel Harris
The school player, who broke the girl he loved's heart 3 years ago, now finds himself in a situation to win her back.

By: Elissa Janine Hoole
A girl and her long-term boyfriend are in an accident leaving Scott in a coma, and Taylor with a fuzzy memory and a big situation to deal with.

By: Bill Beverly
The story of a teenage L.A. gang member who is sent on a road trip and a mission to murder a court witness.

By: Cecelia Ahern
A Dystopian YA set in a world where perfection is demanded and flaws lead to punishment.

By: Emil Ostrovski
Teens attend a high school where they all have something called The Peter Pan virus-- meaning none of them are expected to graduation.

By: Seanan McGuire
A YA Fantasy about the children who fall into fantasy worlds and wind up back in the real world, and the woman who helps them.

By: Jaqueline West
The story of a girl who hallucinates Shakespeare (and his characters and worlds) after a skiing accident.

By: Christine Hurley Deriso
After her parents death, Anne finds herself drawn to Blake--a guy who's girlfriend died.  But Anne's starting to find out that Blake's girlfriend's death may be more suspicious than she initially thought.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

Holy oierujkdfnrhehgkd.  There are a lot of books this week!!!  I'm already read The Haters and Burning-- and I want to read Tell Me Three Things, The New Guy, My Kind of Crazy, and Boys of Summer.... and SO many more.  Which of these books are going on your spring TBR??

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  1. Oh man there really are a lot this week!!! I just got Tel Me Three Things in the mail (yay!!) and can't wait to get to it as I have seen nothing but amazing things. Every Heart a Doorway is one I am interested in too.

    1. I've seen almost nothing but good about Tell Me Three Things!! Which is reason alone for me to want to go for it. Every Heart a Doorway sounds so cool doesn't it??!! I have not heard much about it at all, but LOVE the concept.

  2. I'm really curious about Burning, Dreamers Often Lie, and When We Collided...just to name a few. haha


  3. Omg so many of these look great! When We Collided, The Girl in the Blue Coat, Flawed, Every Heart a Doorway, and The Haters all look great. UGH you're right so many come out this week and most all look great. The Beast by J.R. Ward just came out as well. I won a copy of The Haters from Goodreads so I'm looking forward to reading that one when I get it. :D

  4. Wow a TON of books release this week! I've read and loved WHEN WE COLLIDED and I can't wait for Amy Spalding's new book. I also just read and adored TELL ME THREE THINGS and reviewed it here -->
    I'm curious about THE HATERS too....

  5. I hear When We Collided is great. I'm going to be checking that one out!

  6. sooo many books! Man my TBR list just continues to grow and grow lol
    Thanks for sharing these reads :)

    Quite a Novel Idea