Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New YA Releases for the Week of 6/5

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Alison Umminger
A 15-year-old girl runs off to L.A. to live with her half-sister and begins researching the Manson murders.

By: Eileen Cook
A girl doesn't remember the accident that killed her friend.  The police and public think she wrecked on purpose, now she must figure out the truth.

By: Tara Altebrando
6 kindergarteners vanish and 10 years later 5 return with no memory of where they've been or where the final missing boy is.

By: Stacey Kade
A girl who was kindnapped and held captive, escapes and suffers from PTSD.  The movie star whose poster kept her grounded while in captivity finds his career in the tank.  Now they're thrown together and find that the need each other.

By: Nina LaCour & David Levithan
A girl and boy meet during Pride Week in San Francisco and help each other through heartbreak, new relationships, and personal struggles.

By: Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows, & Brodi Ashton
A loose historical retelling of Lady Jane Grey, who becomes Queen of England-- for nine days.

By: Eliza Wass
A group of siblings are forced to live by their father's odd set of beliefs, until the oldest plots an escape for all of them.

By: Meg Leder
A coming-of-age dealing with fading friendships and new relationships.

By: Lindsey Ribar
Billed as Twin Peaks meets Stars Hollow with some magical realism thrown in.

By: Catherine Lo
A story of BFF's who suddenly aren't anymore.

By: Caela Carter
5 girls compete at the Olympic trials.

By: Kara Terzis
A girl tries to find who killed her sister.

By: Jennifer Castle
A girl with depression meets a boy and finds a place of belonging with him and his group of friends.

By: Danika Stone
A college Freshman and her best guy friend launch an online campaign after her favorite character is killed off the series she fangirls over.

By: Ilana Manaster
A retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.  The new girl at boarding school gets a digital makeover on her profile pic which becomes reality when she wakes up the next day.

By: Julia Hammerle
A girl enters music camp with the dream of getting a classical music scholarship--but then she meets a drummer, makes some friends, breaks some rules, and suddenly her dreams are in jeopardy.

By: Lindsey Klingele
A prince and his friends find themselves in today's L.A. via magic portal.

(The Fixer #2)
By: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Tess runs a classmate's campaign for student council while a terrorist attack in D.C. makes her question who she can trust on Capitol Hill.

By: Jenn Nguyen
When a girl who is more into school than social stuff finds herself waking up next to surfer-dude bad-boy, she convinces him to pretend to be her serious boyfriend in order to fend off the gossip.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

What DON'T I want to read this week would be the question???  I already read (and loved) With Malice.  I also liked The Leaving and You Know Me Well.  I'm read 738 Days right now (and loving it) and I GOTS to read American Girls, My Lady Jane, Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, and Frayed.  Also, I love a friendship book, so How It Ends is a yes... and I haven't read a gymnastic book since forever so Tumbling is on my radar also.  What are you adding to your Summer Reading List from this giant list?

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  1. So many intriguing books coming out this week. I don't know which or any of these I'll be reading. But I definitely want to check out With Malice and All the Feels!

    1. All the Feels does look cool...and YES I SO recommend With Malice!! It's so good!

  2. I read and loved The Long Game and The Marked Girl, but quite a few of these I'd never heard of! *heads to Goodreads*

    1. The Marked Girl sounds pretty cool. I don't read a lot of books like that, but I'm trying to find good ones to start with!!

  3. I'm pretty much obsessed with all of the above (mainly Doreen, Tumbling & How It Ends!) I have an E-ARC of American Girls, so I'm excited to get to that. Definitely adding Goldfish to my TBR!

  4. Wow great round up of this weeks releases! I really want to read My Lady Jane, American Girls and All The Feels. Tumbling also sounds good I'd never heard of it before