Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gift Guide- For the Young Reader

I decided to make a couple gift guides based on topics I know pretty well.  Yesterday was Mean Girls, today it's about the elementary school reader.  Since I have an elementary school-age child who likes to read (and I read his books with him most of the time), I decided to share the BEST OF.

This guide is for the child ages 7-13ish who you'd love to share the gift and joy of reading with.

So, here is a list of books you should buy for a beginning reader:

1.  The Last Kids on Earth (#1) by Max Brallier & The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade (#2) by Max Brallier
  • This is our #1 favorite.  It's funny and has cool illustrations-- but it's not all pictures, there's a lot of content in this book.  It's about a Monster Apocalypse and the 4 kids that have survived.  The narrator has the best sense of humor, and I really don't see any kid (especially boy) not loving it.
2.  Upside-Down Magic by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily Jenkins
  • We haven't read the 2nd book yet, but the first book in this series was adorable.  I thought it had a fun message & quirky characters.  We read this together, but I'd say a decent 3rd grade reader could read this alone.
3.  How to Capture an Invisible Cat by Paul Tobin
  • We loved this!!  It's about a genius 6th grader who turns his cat giant AND invisible!!  He teams up with a new friend and they try to stop Proton from destroying the whole town.
4.  Flunked (Fairy Tale Reform School #1) by Jen Calonita
  • This wasn't the BEST book we'd ever read (or the most well-written), but the premise was fun, and my son loved the girl m/c.
5.  My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish by Mo O'Hara
  • A cute story about a Goldish that was turned into a zombie by a boy's evil scientist brother.  Great for the 3-5th grade ages!

6.  Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi
  • Favorite graphic novel series.  Totally Cole approved (that's my boy).  He flew through all 7 of these books & it made me wish there were 999 other graphic novel series like this.  Side note-- where are all the graphic novels for kids??
7.  Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel
  • Another graphic novel that my kid got really into.  It's about a boy who gets stuck in the spirit world.
8.  Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer
  • Another kids vs. zombies book with illustrations.  It's not as good as The Last Kids on Earth, but it's for a little bit of an older crowd-- probably 5th grade and up.
9.  Star Wars: Jedi Academy (#1) by Jeffrey Brown
  • It's basically about Jedi Middle School-- which is totally FUN!!  Great for 2nd-4th graders.   It's part graphic novel, part regular book. 
10.  Poptropica: Mystery of the Map by Jack Chabert
  • A graphic novel with really bright, colorful, cartooney illustrations.  Would be awesome for 1st-5th grade.

I'm always looking for recs as well.  Do you know any books that someone who loved ^^ those books would love?

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  1. I see a few on here that I'm going to have to ask my sister in law if my niece would be interested in any! What a great idea for a post, it's always nice to get recs from fellow bloggers.

  2. I loved your Mean Girls gift guide and this one too! (although no one in my family is in that age group so no help there XD)
    Prabhleen @ Booksarelife987

  3. I wrote you on Instagram about The Lost Property Office, right? If not, I totally recommend that! I think your son would really enjoy it - I know I did! :)

    You're right, there should be more graphic novels for kids. I feel like a lot of them are graphic novels of actual books. In that regard, I'd recommend the graphic novel for A Wrinkle in Time. I loved it! I think it's done really well.


    1. Yes The Lost Property Office is definitely on our TBR. AND I didn't think about A Wrinkle in Time!! That probably would be perfect for my boy. BUT yes, I have no clue why they aren't pumping out cool graphic novels for elementary age. So many reluctant readers that would probably fall in love if they had them!!