Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Boldly Bookish Blog Tour & Giveaway: THE POSSIBLE by Tara Altebrando

When the people at Bloomsbury asked me to be on the BOLDLY BOOKISH TOUR, and I saw THE POSSIBLE was one of the books that was part of the tour, I said a big, giant YES!!  I've been eagerly awaiting THE POSSIBLE.  It's about a podcast that's looking into a murder-- plus there's the possibility of telekinesis involved!!

So speaking of podcasts-- I HAVE ONE!!  It's called WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET.... and it's about (you guessed it) FEAR STREET.

Me, Mia, and Cassi are reading our way through the infamous 90's horror series and discussing anything and everything about it.  I didn't know if I could do it (I honestly hate the way my voice sounds on recordings), but it's been a lot of fun, and it's kind of an addicting thing to do.  So far we have 3 episodes out, and you can go HERE to listen on iTunes (or HERE for Soundcloud).

Now that I got that whole self-promotion out of the way..... I asked Tara Altebrando what type of podcast she would make if she could do any topic, and here's what she had to say:

If I had a podcast...

I've always thought it would be cool to do a podcast that introduces listeners to my awesome friends. Each episode would just be me talking with a friend about their work and life--and also how we met and stuff? Like, favorite memories?

It probably sounds really boring--and maybe it would be--but I feel like I know a lot of interesting people and I don't get to hang out with them enough. Travel writers, food editors, graphic designers, musicians, midwives, special ed teachers. Friends who emigrated from Albania. Artists. Friends whose lives were impacted by crazy fluke tragedies. Oh, and other writers, of course.

I don't know. I just feel like all of these friends of mine probably have really cool stories that I've never heard. Maybe this idea really just means I should get out more?

As a podcast listener, I gravitate toward true crime type things. Serial. S-Town. My Favorite Murder. In the Dark. The fictional podcast in The Possible definitely shares that space but I don't think it's something I'd want to do in real life, or maybe it just feels like I don't quite have the right skill set for that?

S-Town seriously blew my mind. I listened to it over the course of two days and found myself gasping and feeling sort of ill and crying. It was just such a gripping and unexpected listening experience. It made me think a lot about how limited my experience on the planet has been.

I was joking with friends yesterday that I should really do a podcast called T-Town. With the "T" standing for 'tantrum." And it would be just me and my six-year-old, talking through her latest core meltdown. What do you think?

Thanks Tara!!  I would love to listen to you and your awesome friends talk (especially AUTHOR FRIENDS!!).  I love anything true crime and would LOVE to listen the podcasts you listed up there.  I'm definitely going to check them out!

The Possible

by Tara Altebrando
Release Date: 6/6/2017
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's


Some storms rage from within.

What if…a teenage girl could move objects with her mind?

What if…someone turns up at her door asking questions she doesn’t want to answer?

Kaylee lives a normal life with her adoptive parents, and almost never thinks of her birth mother, Crystal, who is serving a life sentence in prison. But the woman at the front door is producing a podcast about Crystal that is about to blow Kaylee’s forgotten past wide open.

What if strange things have been happening Kaylee’s entire life, things she could not explain? What if she’s more like her mother than she ever imagined?

What if the podcast is about to put her on a collision course with Crystal—and her darkest self?

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