Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday-- 2017 Books I Meant to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a really cool original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new Top Ten List that bloggers join in on answering... and today (January 9th) I'm one of them :)

Today's Topic

Top Ten Books I Meant To Read In 2017 But Didn't Get To

  • I meant to read ALL of these last year and am super disappointed that I didn't.  I definitely wanted to read a lot of sequels that I didn't get to, and a lot of these are SUPER FAVORITE authors and I really want to read their books!!  So here are the ones I really want to read in 2018:

1.  Feral Youth by Various YA Authors- I got this for Christmas, and after reading Violent Ends, I am SUPER excited to read another anthology edited by Shaun Davin Hutchinson.
2.  We are Okay by Nina LaCour- I feel terrible that I haven't read this yet.  I've read EVERY other Nina LaCour book, and I'm a bad fan for not reading this.
3.  Turtles All the Way Down by John Green- I own this and wanted to read it when it first came out, but.... yeah.
4.  Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero- Scooby Doo is SO my jam.
5.  A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody- I also got this book for Christmas, and I'm a super huge Jessica Brody fan, so yeah, I'll be reading it soon.

6.  Hunting Prince Dracula (Stalking Jack the Ripper #2) by Kerri Maniscalco- I meant to read a lot of sequels last year and read NONE.  This year I will catch up on these!!
7.  Dazzling Heights (The Thousandth Floor #2) by Katharine McGee
8.  The Knowing (The Forgetting #2) by Sharon Cameron
9.  Follow Me (The Amateurs #2) by Sara Shepard
10.  Top Ten by Katie Cotugno- I got this from my Broke and Bookish Secret Santa and I want to squeeze it in soon.

Which books did you mean to read last year, but didn't find the time?


  1. I think I was the only one that did not enjoy Turtles All The Way Down. The mental rep was so accurate, and I strongly believe it`s a book that everyone should read, but for me it was exhaustive.

    Carmen`s Reading Corner

  2. I didn't even know that Katie Cotugno had another book out, so that's going straight on my TBR! Turtles All The Way Down also slipped through my fingers last year: I also put it on my Top Ten Tuesday list this week.

  3. Please read Turtles All the Way DOwn. It was my favourite of 2017.. totally loved it. I hope you get to read all these books soon :)

    My TTT: http://flippingthruthepages.com/2018/01/ten-books-meant-read-2017-didnt-get/

  4. Awesome list! I also wanted to read Turtles all the Way down!

    Here’s my TTT!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  5. Feral Youth and Hunting Prince Dracula are awesome!! I also need to read Turtles All the Way Down.


  6. Loretta @ The Laughing Listener

    Ahhhh sequels always get me too for some reason! I'm always starting a new series and never finishing it. I'm cursed!! Lol. But Turtles All the Way Down and Hunting Prince Dracula are two that I wanted to read this year too! So many books, not enough me!!!

  7. I love anthologies, so I'm going to have to pick up Feral Youth now!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thanks!

  8. Hi! I didn't get to Turtles All the Way Down either. Katie Cotugno is on my 2018 TBR :)
    My TTT

  9. Meddling Kids and Turtles All The Way Down both sound great. I told myself Turtles was gonna be my first John Green but then I haven't read it yet! And Meddling Kids just looks fun. :)

    I did read Top Ten and liked it a lot!

  10. I'm intrigued by Turtles All The Way Down. I'm not rushing to read it though. Great list! :-)

  11. Great list! I love the sound of Meddling Kids and I definitely need to check Kerri Maniscalco's out soon - I've heard so many good things!

  12. So many great books I need to read as well on your list. One book on my list is The Name They Gave Us by Emery Lord.

  13. I know how you feel about reading sequels. I think I only read one in 2017? Which means I have tons to catch up on this year! One of my best friends read Meddling Kids while she was traveling last year and she was a big fan. Hope you enjoy it, too!

  14. Ah I still need to read Turtles All The Way Down as well! And Hunting Prince Dracula definitely made my TBR after reading and loving Stalking Jack The Ripper last year :)

  15. Nice list of books!! I hope you read them all in 2018!! Here's a link to my TTT post for this week: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2018/01/top-ten-tuesday-ten-books-i-meant-to.html

  16. Turtles All the Way Down and A Week of Mondays are two I wanted to get to an would love to get to. I really enjoyed Top Ten!

  17. I need to read Turtles All The Way Down too! I wish there was more reading time, aren't all our TBR piles full of great books!?

  18. Top Ten was a top read for me. I may be shedding some tears as we speak. I thought the Dazzling Heights was a great sequel and very much liked some of the character arcs. Turtles was so good! The ending was superb! Feral Youth was one of the few anthologies I actually liked. I think it's because it had the story between the shorts and it tied them together nicely. I started Meddling Kids. It wasn't bad, I just needed something lighter. I hope to finish it eventually. I want to read A Week of Mondays too. I don't have the book, but if I did, I would read it.

  19. I just got a copy of The Knowing! Hopefully I’ll read it soon.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  20. I managed to read a few of those but there are SO many books I haven't gotten to. And probably never will lol

    I think it's a never ending battle for us.
    For What It's Worth

  21. Ooh, nice! I'm super excited to see how you feel about these books. I've seen Feral Youth suggested to me on Goodreads before, but never added it to my tbr until I saw it on your top ten list, haha. I'm not a big reader of Katie Cotugno but see her name pop up in the community frequently, so maybe 2018 will be the year I read a Cotugno book. Happy reading~

  22. Meddling Kids was so awesome! I hope you like it!

    Lauren @ Always Me

  23. A Week of Mondays is so much fun!! I read it this summer and it was the perfect poolside read! I meant to read Turtles All the Way Down too but I never got around to it. I was so excited for it up to its release, but now that's it out I have little interest in reading it. It's so weird.

  24. I picked up a copy of 'Turtles,' but didn't read it in 2017 - and who knows if I will in 2018 either since John Green isn't a high-priority author for my reader habits. Also, I've been considering trying one of Katie Cotugno's novels especially since she primarily writes my favorite genre: contemporary!!