Wednesday, April 25, 2012

YA Books Out This Week 4/22

Another Week of Happy Reading :)
Even though the week is half over....

These are the books I'm obsessing on:

The Story of Us- By Deb Caletti
I like her books a lot!  It sounds perfectly drama-filled!

Breaking Beautiful -By Jennifer Shaw Wolf
I love a book with a little amnesia!  It sounds like a good mystery!

Social Suicide -By Gemma Halliday
Ok I haven't read Deadly Cool yet (it's on my Nook, I'm going to get to it soon!!!).  But I had to put this on my list, I mean look at the cover!!  Awesome!

Zero -By Tom Leveen
Ok I LOVED his first book Party... It was seriously amazing!  So Da!!  I have to read this one!  From the cover, I'm guessing it's about goths, but that's cool I like a little subculture in my life :)

Also out this week is a book called Purity -By Jackson Pearce... I'm not going to read it because it sounds a little icky (I mean your dad really shouldn't be involved in your decision to have sex, that weirds me out), but I'm throwing it on here anyway cause it's not fantasy :)

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