Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a really cool original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new Top Ten List that bloggers join in on answering... and today I'm one of them :)
This week (April 24th) the topic is:

Top Ten All Time Favorite Characters

I've been SO busy with finishing up this semester, I haven't felt like messing with this blog much for the past week or so... but I am going to do this TTT!  Or half of it at least :)

1.  Sirius Black -  From the Harry Potter Series (Da!).  I loved Sirius so much!  I thought Harry was finally going to have a family with him.... but no.  So sad!  He goes from being a villain to a hero all in the same book, great character!

2.  Brian Robeson - From Hatchet By Gary Paulsen... I read this book in 5th grade and was obsessed!  Brain is 13 in the book and is able to survive in the Canadian woods alone, with only a hatchet (pretty impressive!).  Brian's parents were getting divorced and he is processing that and trying to avoid being eaten by bears and things... good stuff!!

3.  Ruby Oliver - of The Boyfriend List By E. Lockhart.  Man I loved Ruby, she's so freaking funny!  I wish I could've been that funny at that age!

4.  Jessica Darling - Sloppy Firsts By Megan McCafferty I felt like I was her (except for the whole genius thing).  She's just a great great greatly written character.  So funny

5.  Rachel White - of Something Borrowed By Emily Giffin.  I never thought I could like somebody who is sleeping with their BFF's fiance, but somehow I did.  That in itself is an amazing feat... to have a character do something that is universally seen as disgusting and still have her be likable, and have the reader rooting for her... well it doesn't say much for the Darcy character, but still!

6.  Sabrina "Sabs" Wells - from the Girl Talk Series.  I don't think this was a widely known series, but when I was in elementary school I used to read it psychotically, like late night with a flashlight.  And Sabrina was my girl!

7.  Kelsey Finkelstein - Freshman Yr.  By Meredith Zeitlin.  She was so real to me, I loved!

Ok well I'm cutting this short.... but I KNOW there is a male character that I am missing.  There has to be a guy that was in a book that I was like in love with... I just gotta figure out who it is and I will add it.
Schools out after next week and I will have more time for this stuff!  I feel like I'm typing in a cloud right now, I'm so tired... must sleep!


  1. Sirius Black is on my list too. =) He is awesome. =)

  2. Great list! Have you read Something Blue? I'm debating about whether I should read it or not. I really liked Something Borrowed, too, and Rachel, but Something Blue is told from Darcy's I'm skeptical.

    1. I read it, and I liked the first half of the book, but then it makes you start to actually like Darcy and I wanted to rebel!!!

  3. Great list! New follower via GFC :)
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog