Monday, July 9, 2012

Books Out This Week 7/9

New books that I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Jennifer Echols
I love this cover!!  It reminds me of  the Hourglass cover.  It's about a girl who flies planes and ends up getting caught between two brothers.

The Thing About the Truth
By: Lauren Barnholdt
A girl and a guy who have both been kicked out of previous schools meet up at their new school.  Once they get over initial b.s. they get together and are happier than ever, but they are both still harboring secrets from their past which could ruin everything.
Perfect Escape
By: Jennifer Brown
Yay!!  I love this author... I'm reading Bitter End right now!  This is a road trip book!!  Although I'm pretty sure not a happy/fun la-di-da one. 
By: Denise Jaden
Sister with an eating disorder book.  Sounds good though.
By: Roxanne St. Claire
I can't wait to read this one!!  First of all the m/c is from Pittsburgh (my lovely city) and second I love books about popularity!

I also think these ones look good:

The Little Woods                                         True Believers                                    Lucky Fools
By: McCormick Templeman                     By: Kurt Anderson                       By: Coert Voorhees

There's a lot out this week!!  I love when books come out that I've been waiting on forever!  So excited to get on these ones, even though I already have a LONG list of books waiting for me :(


  1. Oh, great books!! I am really excited about The Thing About the Truth- big fan of Barnholdt. Don't You Wish sounds good, will have to check it out. :)