Monday, January 14, 2013

Halfway Through- Ditched

I decided I want to do a new feature where I discuss a book I'm reading when I'm about halfway through it. 
Crystal from Elegantly Bound Reviews inspired me to do it because she does something like this called Top of My Pile, which is really cute.

Anyway I just want to tell you guys what I'm reading and what my thoughts are on it so far.  I did something like this before and sometimes it would be really funny to see what I was originally thinking about a book or where I thought it was going to go.


By: Robin Mellom
So Far:  Ehh.  I'm definitely not in love with it.  I'm on page 128 and I'm pretty sure I know where this one is going.  I have this problem with being addicted to books about popularity and mean girls and prom and silly high school stuff that I have no business caring about.  But when they are done right, I just LOVE them... can't help it! 

Anyway I'm kind of annoyed that this gas station attendant who's in her 40's is so interested in this girl's annoying story... AND that she's getting all into it and acting like kissing is such a big thing.  No one past 20 (and that's pushing it) thinks kissing a boy moves heaven and earth.  (and the prom girl got pissed bc this woman didn't immediately offer her a free Snickers when she walked in...ummm why would she?)

So that's what I think so far about this one.

What are you reading right now and what do you think about it?

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