Monday, September 30, 2013

New Books Out Week of 9/29

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

(Shadowlands #2)
By: Kate Brian
After Shadowlands left readers with a complete stunner of an ending, Hereafter follows up with Rory's new future on Juniper Landing.  The island is full of secrets and Rory is determined to find out the truth.

(Wild Cards #1)
By: Simone Elkeles
When Derek is kicked out of boarding school, his step-mom moves him back to her hometown in Illinois.  Ashtyn plays football and is looking for a scholarship to get her out of that small town.  In order to get noticed, she needs the team to go to States... but then her boyfriend (the team's QB) betrays them all.  Enter Derek.  Ashtyn needs to find a way to trust him and put her heart on the line or she'll never achieve her dreams.

By: Christa Desir
When Ben and Ani meet, love is in the air.  Then Ani goes to a party and something happens there that changes her forever.  She's raped.  Now Ben is struggling to help the girl he cares about, but she seems determined to push him away.  This leaves Ben wondering if anything will ever be the same again?

By: Kelley York
Hunter and Ashlin are going back to their dad's for the first time in a while.  They remember having such fun times in the past with the neighbor boy, Chance, and are hoping it will be like that again.  And it is... at first.  Suddenly all of Chances quirks are becoming more alarming, and he's holding on to so many secrets.  When Chance's mother turns up dead, Hunter and Ashlin know Chance is innocent even if no one else does... and they're going to prove it.

By: Katie Cotugno
Reena's always had a thing for Sawyer.  When he finally takes notice of her, they have an intense relationship that leaves Reena pregnant and Sawyer gone.  3 years later Reena's doing the single-mom thing and Sawyer's just now decided to show his face.  Can she really forgive him and get over his 3 year absence?

By: Natalie D. Richards
Chloe nods off in study hall and suddenly wakes up six months later with NO memory of what's happened.  Everything in her life is different: her grades are suddenly awesome, that guy that has long ignored her is somehow her boyfriend, and her bestest BFF hates her guts.  Now she needs to figure out what the hell happened and why she can't remember.

(Pretenders Series #1)
By: Lisi Harrison
Each year the school yearbook names five freshman as outstanding. This year someone disagrees.  Now as these five students get ready for their 10th grade year, someone has stolen their journals from the 9th grade English class.  The journals are supposed to have been private and contain things not meant for everyone to know.... but now they've been emailed to the entire school.

By: Tom Ryan
The story of 4 teens on Prom Night.  These teens don't know each other as the night begins, but over the course of 8 hours their paths will cross.

By: Tom Leveen
ZOMBIES!!!  A virus breaks out at Brian's school, turning his classmates and teachers into bloodthirsty zombies.  Now Brian, his friend Chad, and some theater kids are on a mission to rescue his sister and ex-girlfriend and bring them to safety.

(Blackout #1)
By: Robison Wells
A new dystopian which features America and terrorism.  A mysterious virus has broken out among American teens which leaves them with extraordinary powers.  Now a group has been trained to stop the most dangerous of these teens.

By: Chantel Guertin
Pippa dreams of being a fashion photographer.  Her best friend Dace wants to be cover girl.  They've always been in it together... but as Vantage Point (the state photography competition) is approaching things aren't going smoothly at all.  Pippa winds up having to volunteer as a candy striper at a hospital that has bad memories for her, new guys emerge in her life, and her relationship with Dace is rapidly changing.

By: Shelley Coriell
When a girl that Rebel Blue knew for one day dies, she discovers she had a bucket list.  Rebel comes to the realization that she's meant to complete the bucket list and she takes on the challenge.

By: Vicki Grove
When Tucker's three best friends die in a car accident, he doesn't know how he can continue to live.  He was supposed to be the DD that night, but he let them down.  While he was busy puking, Trey had to drive everyone home... and they didn't make it.  Now Tucker is at a crossroads with The Ferryman, the man who ushers souls between our world and then next... will Tucker choose to stay or go?

By: Lucy Christopher
A Psychological Thriller about a girl whose father is accused of murdering a teenage girl.

(The Internment Chronicles #1) 
By: Lauren DeStefano
A new series from the author of The Chemical Garden series.  Morgan lives on Internment, a floating island.  No one can leave or even get near the edge.  When a murder (the first in a generation) shakes up the community, Morgan can't help but want to investigate.

By: Carrie Mesrobian
Evan is good at getting girls to say yes.  With each new move he makes because of his dad's job, it ensures a new crop of girls to hook-up with.  Until one night when everything goes wrong.  When Evan is beaten and scarred inside and out, his dad takes him to their cabin at the lake to heal.  Now while his body recovers, he has to find a way to fix his mind too.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

Monster list of books out this week!!  SO many that I want to read.  October is looking good :)  I'm definitely all about Hereafter (I'm actually reading it now), and Wild Cards, Sex & Violence, Sick, Six Months Later, and Fault Lines

How about you??  See anything you are interested in?  Anything you've been waiting on?

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