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Not Pretty Enough by Jaimie Admans Blog Tour & Giveaway

Not Pretty Enough

By: Jaimie Admans
Publication Date: August 1, 2013
Genre: Contemporary YA Comedy

“New Year’s Resolutions:
1. Lloyd Layton will know I exist. He once said three whole words to me, so this is obviously progress. If I don’t get a proper conversation out of him soon, then I’ll take my top off and streak through the cafeteria, because nobody could fail to notice these boobs.
2. I will not get expelled for streaking through the cafeteria.”

Those are the words that begin her mission.
Chessie is fourteen, not pretty enough, and very much in love. Lloyd Layton is hot, popular, and unaware of Chessie’s existence.
Her goal is clear: to get Lloyd to love her as much as she loves him, and she has exactly one year to do it.
As Chessie’s obsession with Lloyd reaches boiling point and she starts to spin a web of lies that spiral out of control, Lloyd turns out to be not quite the prince she thought he was. Can Chessie avoid the gathering storm before things go too far?

My Thoughts:

Chessie is an awkward girl who is in love with a boy that doesn't know she exists.  In order to gain his attention, she goes to massive lengths, embarrassing herself time and time again.  I was literally cringing while reading how bad Chessie ended up embarrassing herself.  It's weird but when I see or read about someone embarrassing themselves to such an extreme, I actually feel embarrassed inside.  Like I'm so embarrassed for them that I become embarrassed myself... ok it's hard to explain.

Chessie reminded me of a young Becky Bloomwood (of Confessions of a Shopaholic).  She got herself into some CRAZY situations.  And while she was trying to dig herself out of what she'd gotten into, she'd only end up in deeper.  These situations were really silly, but actually really funny too.  I felt bad that Chessie liked some guy so much that she was willing to sacrifice all of her dignity in order to get his attention, but I could also relate... a little.  I don't think I've ever done anything quite like Chessie, but I will admit to having some intense crushes in my day and feeling dumb when they witnessed me do something stupid in class... or if they caught me staring at them.  But unlike Chessie, I learned my lesson!  Chessie was definitely not taking no for an answer and it lead to some crazy, funny, silly, messed up, offensive,annoying, laugh-out-loud situations.  Seriously, you all should read this just to witness all the things that Chessie does for love.

OVERALL: Reminiscent of Becky Bloomwood's behavior, this book features a girl with no shame.  And hilarity ensues.  Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a light, silly read.  You might cringe your way through half the book, but at least you'll realize the stuff you did to get a guy to notice you wasn't so bad after all!

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Thanks to Opps! I Read A Book Again for organizing the tour and providing me with a copy to review!

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review, Michelle! I'm glad you liked the book! Thanks for being part of the tour too!