Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cover Lover (or Hater)

One thing you might not know about me and my reading habits is that I am a lover of book covers.  I judge books by their covers every time I make my weekly new release posts or anytime I'm at the library and bookstore.  A book cover is a first impression... so it's really important!!  Everyone has different opinions on covers.  Certain colors will draw certain people's eyes (like pink for me!!) and other times things on a cover will remind a person of something deeply personal to them.  A good cover is important... but it's also super subjective, which makes a publishers job really hard. 

So here are my opinions on some of the new covers out in the world:

by Dot Hutchison

-So this is a paranormal Hamlet retelling.  And it's kind of another girl in a dress cover, but I get the paranormal vibe... probably because of the old fashioned dress.  I think it's a really pretty cover, gorgeous even... but that foot!!  That damn foot freaks me out a little.  It's so pointed and it looks really BIG... and I just don't like that.


2.  Conjured
by Sarah Beth Durst

-This story has a circus element to it, and I must say I am definitely feeling a circus-ey freak show vibe from this cover.  I really like the simplicity of the heart and the font of the title is unique and eye-catching



by Kiersten White

-EEEE!!!  Cover love!!  It's SO pretty I can only imagine what this looks like in person.  I love the gold and the blue and how it looks sort of glittery and how there are different shapes in the corner designs.  I'm not sure I love the tagline though: "Family is forever.  Especially when they're immortal."  I'm not really a fan of those on covers.


4.  3:59
by Gretchen McNeill

-This book is about a girl who slips into a parallel universe... and while the cover doesn't scream this to me, I still really like it.  I think the black is eyecatching because it's not a common book cover color.  I also like the the ":" looks like flashlights.


by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

-Ughhh this font!!  I am SO sick of this font.  The white handwritten looking font against a depressing background.  I'm over it.  Here are a few that are giving me Deja Vu.


6.  Hurt
by Tabitha Suzuma

-I usually don't like covers where it's a face, but this one I think works.  The water at the bottom maybe isn't Photoshopped as professionally as I would perfer (it looks a little ameturish) and I'm not the biggest fan of the Hurt font... but I really like the guy.  Maybe it's the hair in his face or the two little beauty marks... something about him makes me sad and thinks he's hot at the same time.


(Adaptation #2)
By Malinda Lo

-Wow this cover is a major letdown.  I thought the cover of book 1 (pictured below) had a really cool/eerie looking original cover.  While I see how this ties in to the first book by having a reflection theme, I don't like the 2nd cover.  It looks amateurish to me and honestly it looks like she's about to take a ballet class.


By: Megan McCafferty

-So this is a Middle Grade and the bright funness of this cover I think works for that genre.  It DEFINITELY keeps in the Jessica Darling series theme of having a girl with no head... although with all the other ones we could see her feet.  At least the font on this book is playful and updated.  Those other JD books looked SO outdated to me.  Like 90's style.


By: Kate Alender

-Creepy.  I usually don't like seeing a girl's face on covers as up close as this one is... but I think it works were.  And the tagline: Heads Will Roll...  kinda cute.  And I really enjoy the pink and turquoise colors together.


By: Amanda Grace

-Blah.  Sick of kissing on covers (is she kissing up his nose??) and here is that white "handwritten" font again.  Plus are they wearing matching shirts... and that ground looks icky to be laying on.  Then again this IS about a teacher student relationship so icky is relevant.


 11.  Tumble & Fall
By: Alexandra Coutts

-Ohhh it's pretty.  And shiney.  And sparkly.  And it almost makes up for his face.  What is that face he's making??  Oh well at least the end of the world looks pretty!!


 12.  The Outside
(The Hallowed Ones #2)
By: Laura Bickle

-I think it's definitely serving it's purpose for creepiness.  The house, the guy, the black birds, the girl's face.  All super creepy!  It feels familiar though.  Not completely 100% in love with it. 


(Beaumont #2)
By: Heidi McLaughlin

-Ummm what??  Very confused here.  A couple strolling happily through a field... while on the otherside Eminem contemplates his life on 8 mile?  What is with these 2 crazy images being thrown together??  This is New Adult for ya.


So there you have it.  My first Cover Lover (or Hater) post.  I'm going to give my take on the new releases from each month as they come out.  My next post will be on the October covers :)

Now I wanna know: what do you think of these covers??


  1. What an awesome feature!!! I'd love to do this sort of thing on my blog - Make it a meme feature please!
    I mostly agree with what you said, it's such a shame that we judge a book by it's cover but I guess, first impressions sadly do last even if you try to have your own thoughts later on.
    Agreeing with the Dead Girls Don't Lie. I love the font, but it's being over used lately and with mostly meaningless pictures of random girls.
    Brilliant post! Looking forward to your next one,
    Zoë' B

    1. I'd do it as a meme feature too :)

    2. Thanks guys! I would totally do it as a join-in feature, but I'm just not the cool blog on the block who can get ppl to do it.

  2. I LOOOOVE the Conjured Cover!! The colors, texture, everything- beautiful!! Dyiiing over your comment on My Unexpected Forever! hahahhaa When I first looked I didn't even see the couple. My eyes went straight to those sleeves! I kind of like the Hurt cover too! Like you- not a huge fan of faces on covers, but I really like his expression!

  3. This is a really cool meme! I'm a cover-judger too, so I totally get you. :) My favorite out of these is definitely Tumble and Fall, I love all the gold sparkles on the cover and how they look like they're falling!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  4. I like this feature a lot too. I am definitely starting to get into book covers more and I love seeing others' likes and dislikes. I am actually doing a discussion post this week on book covers that I love and why I love them and I agree with you. I don't like faces on covers. I think I am going to split it up and do likes and dislikes in different topics. I am attracted to bright colors, architecture, and fun graphics and fonts. Oh and I love covers with filigree. Because I'm weird. Keep it up because I love reading these!