Monday, October 28, 2013

New Books Out Week of 10/27

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

(Parasitology #1)
By: Mira Grant
A Sci-Fi about a future world where people live sickness-free due to a genetically engineered tapeworm which lives inside most of them.  But suddenly a "sleepwalking" pandemic is breaking out and all of a sudden maybe having a cure-all worm inside you might not be a good thing.

(Smith High #3)
By: Marni Bates
A companion novel to Awkward and Invisible (you do not need to read the other books to read this one).  Chelsea Holloway is the Queen Bee of her high school.  Even though things haven't been going her way lately, she still has a plan.  Everything is under control.  Until her parents ship her off on a study abroad trip to Cambodia.

(Birthright #3)
By: Gabrielle Zevin
The final book in this dystopian series.

By: Ransom Riggs & Cassandra Jean (Illustrations)
This is a cool book to make into a graphic novel!!

(Books of Eva #1)
By: Heather Terrell
When Eva's twin brother dies a few months before he's due to participate in The Testing, she wants to take his place.  True she would be the first Maiden to do so in the past 150 years, but she's determined.  She trains hard on the Tundra with Lukas and then she's off in search of Relics.  What she doesn't know is that there are some things that are impossible to train for.  I met this author a few weeks ago in Pittsburgh and she was super cool.  I hope the book is too!

(The Seven Deadly #2)
By: Fisher Amelie
This is the second book in a really cool series about the 7 Deadly Sins.  The first book Vain was really really good.  My review is HERE.  This one features Spencer who will go to any lengths to make money.  He does shady things in his quest, but he doesn't exactly feel good about it... he just can't help himself.  When unexpected events land him on a cattle ranch, he finds a girl who could change everything.

Other Books Out This Week:

This week is very Ehhh for me.  Not really sure I'm dying to read any of them... although the Marni Bates books do look cute and Parasite sounds freaky!  What do you like/recommend?


  1. Parasite has been on my too read list for a few weeks now. I am in a contest to win it. Start with that, change it up!! Sounds different. :) That is my suggestion (after reading your blog)

  2. I just got Parasite last week and am excited to read it! I loved her Feed series so I'm excited to see what she has in store for us with this one :)

  3. I had no idea that they were making Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children into a graphic novel...that's so cool! I own the book but haven't read it yet, although I've heard a lot about it. I think that a graphic novel of it would be really cool. I'll have to check it out after I finally read the book.

    1. I didn't LOVE the book... But I want to read the sequel when it comes out AND I think the graphic novel would be really cool!

  4. So many of these books look absolutely amazing, but I have to say I'm most looking forward to Parasite.

  5. I found ALTERED out early in a bookstore and flipped out!!! It's out tomorrow but somehow the bookstore put it on the shelf this weekend. I bought it of course :P and started. So good!!! so I guess thats what I am "looking forward" to most. :P

    1. Oh wow that's so cool!! I would do a little dance in the middle of a bookstore if I found a book out early!!