Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Books Week of 3/9

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Sarah Mlynowski
A homeroom in a NYC high school goes into the nurses office for flu shots, and comes out with ESP.  Now that they can read each others thoughts, lives will never be the same.  Sure there are perks, but knowing everyone's deepest darkest secret can feel more like a curse than a gift.  Some figure out how to take advantage and some crack.

By: Amy Talkington
Liv gets out of foster care with an art scholarship to Wickham Hall, which is short lived when she winds up dead.  Her only link to the living world is her friend Gabe, who can see ghosts (and there are a lot of them at Wickham).  Now Gabe, Malcolm (the love interest), and Liv must work together to figure out who killed Liv... and what exactly is going on at Wickham Hall.

(Flirting in Italian #2)
By: Lauren Henderson
Violet is still on the search for answers to who she is and her family history.  She really wants to be with Luca, but she needs to find out some important family stuff before she can know if that's even possible.

By: Liz Czukas
Prom: Heads- The Jock, Tails- The Theater Geek.  By flipping the coin, it has somehow given Heart the ability to live out both dates!

By: Maria E. Andreu
M.T. is living a typical American teenage life.  The only thing is she's an undocumented immigrant and it's getting harder and harder to hide.  She can't get her license, go on the school trip abroad, and she's pretty sure she won't be able to go to college.  Before it's all over M.T. will have to learn how to trust to get what she wants for her future.

By: Jane Nickerson
A historical fiction/paranormal about a girl living in Mississippi during the Civil War.  Violet is in Mississippi mourning the death of her twin and worrying about her father who is off fighting in the war.  The town that she lives in is not peaceful either, there's voodoo and other dangers lurking.  When Violet comes upon a Union soldier in the woods, she knows he's the enemy, but she's drawn to him.

Other Books Out This Week:

March has started off so good!!  I'm reading Don't Even Think About It and I'm pretty into it so far.  I've loved every Sarah Mlynowski book that I've read, so I'm expecting this one will be the same.  I also want to read Liv, Forever... it sounds creepy and cool.  I'm also interested in The Mirk and Midnight Hour and Ask Again Later.  What do you want from this weeks books?


  1. The Mirk and Midnight Hour is a book I'm interested in reading.

  2. There are a lot of titles here I'm not familiar with. Hello Goodreads, haha.

  3. Hope you get to read Ask Again Later! It's such a cute read :)

  4. Oh wow! I'm so out of the loop because I don't know about most of these. Live, Forever looks really cool and reminds me of a series I'm reading right now. Thanks for the post (:

  5. I am so excited for all the books releasing this week! I'm going to Barnes & Noble to pick up a few of them. Ask Again Later and Kissing In Italian both sound amazing :)