Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blood of My Blood (Jasper Dent #3) by Barry Lyga

Jazz was shot and left for dead.  Connie played right into Billy's hands.  Howie could bleed to death on Jazz's grandmother's living room floor.  Somehow these 3 must survive and figure out the truth about The Crows, stop Billy, and save Jazz's mom.  When Jazz decides to go rogue, he shows a dark side darker than he even knew was in him.  How far will Jazz go to bring down "Dear old Dad"?  And once he goes down this dark path, will he ever be able to come back from it?  Fighting against Nature AND Nurture, Jazz has to find a way to free the world from Billy's terror.

Woah action.  This book starts intense and never quits!  It is primarily a journey book.  There is one thing and one thing only on Jazz's mind: stopping Billy.  To be honest, that journey got a little old after a while.   I felt like it took way too long for Jazz to get to the main event... and all the things leading up to that felt like throw away moments.  I wish there was some other thing going on in the book besides Jazz's one-track mind to get to Billy.  Don't get me wrong, the book packs in a ton of action... it's just that all the action was for one purpose, and I wanted to just get to that purpose already.  Or at least get some clarity and new information along the way.

As the final installment in this series, I liked it.  I thought it could have been stronger, but I still definitely enjoyed tearing through the pages.  There is a twist in this book and I quite liked it, even if it is bizarre and kind of gross.  It's not the first time I've been grossed out through these 3 books.  The only thing is I wanted MORE explanation.  It left me with a bunch of questions and holes that I wanted filled in.  Like how do serial killers find out about The Crows and vice versa?  And a bunch of other spoilery questions that I had.

I think this book definitely had a different overall feel, and that's what surprised me most about it.  I was expecting the excitement that Game brought, and what I got was a much darker, more focused book.  Jazz didn't feel like the same person at all... although after everything he's been through, I can see why.  I liked that the first 2 books had mysteries separate from Billy Dent.  They had new killers and we had no idea who they might be.  I liked following Jazz on the journey to find those killers.  And I was hoping for more of that with this 3rd one.  It wraps everything up great, and I am happy for that, but it doesn't bring in anything new.  And I could have DEFINITELY lived without that epilogue.... yuck!

OVERALL: An intense wrap-up to one of my favorite series.  I loved the idea of boy who was raised by a serial killers.  It brought up so much about how we ultimately become the person we are.  I loved Jazz, but in this book, not as much.  I definitely recommend this amazing series to everyone!  It's concept is truly unique.

This Book Includes:

  • Gore- vicious killings and other violence
  • New York City- mostly Brooklyn
  • Law enforcement
  • Serial Killer(s)
  • An Epilogue
  • Lots of physical fights
  • Not so much romance
  • Lobos Nod

My Rating: 3/4

How I got this book: Thanks to Little, Brown Books for Young Readers for allowing me to read and honestly review this
Date Published: 9/9/2014

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  1. I actually think i liked this book more than The Game. I liked the direction Jasper headed. I liked what ifs about having a father as a serial killer, everyone in your life in danger, and you're pissed off.. what would you do.Jasper wasn't perfect or completely sane and I thought that was a great protrayal. It did have a completely different feel than either one of the other books. Each book in the series was just a little bit of a different read but all were a bit dark and um yes gross. These books are not for the weak stomach at all. great review.