Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Books Out Week of 10/12

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: A.S. King
Glory O'Brien hasn't dealt with her past or her future.  Her mother committed suicide when she was a young child, and she's always questioned if that was going to become her reality as well.  Then something happens and Glory can see everyone's ancestry, past and future.  What she sees scares her deep in her bones.  She might not believe in her future, but she knows she's seeing these things for a reason.  It might just be up to her to stop humanity from suffering a terrible fate.

By: Cat Winters
In 1900 Oregon, Olivia's suffragist views are not welcome or popular.  Her father hires a hypnotist to try to hypnotize the rebellion away, but instead she gets odd powers.  She's able to see people's true nature through dark or good visions.  She's also unable to voice her opinions.  This all just makes Olivia more determined than ever to fight for her dreams.

By: Mary Elizabeth Summer
Julep is a sophomore in high school who makes her money by scamming her rich classmates.  When her father (and con-artist mentor) goes missing, she knows she's the only one who can find him.

By: Chelsey Philpot
When a former senator's daughter comes to Charlotte's school, she never expects to actually be friends with her.  But soon she gets sucked in to Julia's glamorous life and falling for her older brother Sebastian.  But appearances can be deceiving... because Julia and her family have BIG secrets.

By: Roxanne St. Claire
Every year at Vienna High ten girls make the "hottie" list.  If you're on it, your life totally changes.  New friends, hot guys, invites to all the best parties.  But this year being on the list could cost you your life.

By: Amy Reed
When her best friend is killed in a car that she was driving, Kinsey goes on a downward spiral.  Suffering from survivors guilt, her and her boyfriend, Hunter (who was also in the car that night), decide to escape across country.  But Kinsey soon learns, you can't out-run your nightmares.

By: Kelsey Macke
The story of Cinderella's stepsister, if that stepsister is overweight, has mental and educational issues, and has to take medication.

By: Susan McBride
When Katie's popular boyfriend cheats on her, she's devastated.  Although there's proof in a picture that he did it, Mark claims he doesn't remember anything.  When it turns out the girl in question is now missing, all suspicion turns to Mark... could he really be a killer?

By: Christina Lauren
Cool cover!!  A fantasy novel involving a mysterious girl who doesn't know who she is or why she's showed up... only that she is here for a boy named Colin.

By: Various YA Authors
Romantic holiday stories by authors like Gayle Forman, Jenny Han, Rainbow Rowell, David Levithan, etc.  Edited by Stephanie Perkins!!

By: Suzy Zail
Hanna was going to be a famous concert pianist.  That is before the Nazi's showed up and took everything from her.  After being send to Auschwitz, Hanna learns the true horrors of the Germans and this war.  But a lucky break lands her in Captain Jager's house playing piano for all his guests.  And when she meets the Captain's son Karl... they start down a dangerous road.

By: Sarah Beth Durst
Kayla can move things with her mind, and she uses that power to steal stuff in order to ensure her and her mother have enough, in case her dad finds them again and they have to run.  Then she meets Daniel, a boy who can teleport, and he blackmails her into helping him rescue his missing mother.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

I'm almost finished with Glory O'Brien... it's awesome!  The Cure for Dreaming looks so cool, and I'll definitely be buying Even in Paradise.  What are you going to read?

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