Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Books Out Week of 2/22

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: V.E. Schwab
As one of the last Travelers (a magician who can visit parallel universes), Kell delivers messages between the various Londons.  He also runs a secret smuggling business, which lands him in trouble and leads him to Lila and an adventure to save all the worlds.

By: C.J. Omolou
Lexi and Ava have been pretending that they have a third twin (Alicia) ever since they were kids, blaming her for everything they didn't want to take credit for.  Now that they're older, the game has changed a little.  Now they use Alicia to go out with boys that aren't boyfriend material.  When one of the boys Alicia went out with winds up dead, Ava insists they stick to the story.  When another boy is killed, Lexi knows, either Ava is a killer or Alicia is real.

By: Amanda Burckhard
When Emmy's twin brother and best friend are killed in a car accident, she find solace in pills.  The pills make her brother alive to her, seeing and hearing him as if he were still there.  When Logan King moves to town he can see that Emmy isn't moved on like she'd like everyone to believe.

(Unremembered #3)
By: Jessica Brody
The conclusion to this sci-fi trilogy.

By: Tricia Stirling
In the wake of her father's death, Lacy (who can do magic) must grapple between being the good Lacey and the one her bio-mom wants her to be.

By: Rhiannon Thomas
 A Sleeping Beauty retelling.  Aurora wakes up 100 years later to find that the books got it wrong, happily ever after does not start when the prince wakes you up with his kiss.

By: Eileen Cook
Harper's father runs the company that trademarked "Memtex", a procedure that wipes away unwanted memories.  When something happens in Harper's life, her dad won't allow her to get the treatment, forcing her to go behind his back to do it.  After experiencing strange side-effects, she goes on a mission to reveal the truths about Memtex.

By: Bryan Bliss
Abigail's parents have lost everything.  They sold their house and moved to San Francisco to join Brother John's group for the "end of the world".... well the end didn't come.  Now Abigail and her family are living out of their van.

(Uninvited #2)
By: Sophie Jordan
Now the Davy has killed someone, she has to decide if she's going to let the kill gene rule her life, or if she's going to fight against it and live free.

By: Kevin Emerson
After his lyrics go viral, Anthony starts getting attention he doesn't want.  Now he must decide if he's going to sing the song he wrote from that honest, pissed off place at Arts Night.  If he does, his band could be finished.

By: Ellie Cahill
A new adult book about "friends with benefits".

(The Hundred #3)
By: Kass Morgan
The dropships have arrived and the Hundred have to come together if they want to preserve the freedom they've found on Earth.

(Fire & Flood #2)
By: Victoria Scott
Tella is still in the race and striving to win to get the Cure for brother.  Now she must cross an ocean and mountains in her quest where there is only one winner.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

This week is packed!!  I really want to read A Darker Shade of Magic, I don't think I've ever read a parallel universe book!  Also The Third Twin and No Parking At End Times sound good.  What are you going to read?


  1. Loooove the cover on When My Heart Was Wicked. So beautiful :)

    1. I love it too!! It reminds me of Love in the Times of Global Warming.