Friday, February 20, 2015

So Obsessed With...

Between the Broke and Bookish Secret Santa and the On the Same Page Secret Sister Project (if you don't know what that is, I explain more about it later in this post), it's got me thinking about stuff I like, stuff my friends like, and my changing obsessions in general.  So I decided to start telling you guys what my obsessions are when I get them.

These are the things I've been obsessing over this week:

Secret Sister Stuff

If you never heard of the On The Same Page Secret Sister Project or haven't seen the #OTSPSecretSister around on Twitter, it's a sort of a 6 month long secret santa.  You get a name of a blogger, and you send them gifts, cards, candy, books, little notes, etc. throughout that 6 month time period.  It's a lot of fun and ever since I sent out my first gift to my Secret Sister, I've been completely obsessed with how fun it is :)  I'm constantly looking on Etsy and when I go to any store, I'm browsing for any little thing I could buy for her.

Blog Design

My *new blog design* that is going up soon!!!  Not that I don't like this one... it's just time for a change and a more mature, grown-up design (you know, in case I ever decide to start being more mature and grown-up).  Thanks to Rebekah Louise Designs, it's going to be super fun, cute, and classy :)


RHOBH Brandi Glanville calling the other women "menopause mamas".  That girl is awesome.  Does anyone else watch this show (or Vanderpump Rules??)?

Etsy Shopping

I have an addiction to Etsy and finding things that are meant to be in my house or on my body.

This journal on Etsy.  It's in a shop called ExLibrisJournals and there are tons of awseome old books that are made into blank journals.  It's $22, which I don't think is cheap, but it doesn't offend me.

If you knew me in real life, you'd know I'm obsessed with my dog.  Her name is Lucy, but I call her my little princess.  So ever since I saw this print by rubenacker, I've been thinking I need it in my life.

Library stuff

I've been finding some really cool book/library related stuff, like this, this, and this.  And now I'm wondering why I DON'T have library related stuff in my life??  But seriously, how have I gotten by without blank library cards laying around?  And who doesn't need a card catalog cuff?  But no, my husband would never wear this tie... even though it is completely awesome :(

The 90's obsession continues...

When I was in late elementary school/early middle school, Dylan Mckay and Brandon Walsh were it.  The world began and ended with them.  During a similar time period, the movie Clueless made a BIG impact on my life.  I now knew the allure of thigh highs and pens with a fluff ball on the end of them.  So in honor of my love for 90210 and Clueless I'm obsessed with these 3 things:  Bag / Print / Earrings.

Raven Boys (***SOME SPOILERS IN THIS PART for Dream Thieves**)

So I just finished reading The Raven Boys and Dream Thieves and I liked/loved them.  Then I go to lunch with a few girls from my book club and they tell me crazy stuff.  Okay not crazy stuff, but stuff that I didn't know about.  Stuff about Adam and Ronan like being a couple.  Wait what??  Did we read the same books??  Then I look on Maggie's Tumbler page and sure enough she says Ronan is  homosexual and Adam is bisexual.  And that's completely fine with me... but I just didn't see evidence of that in either of the first 2 books.  I didn't even think that the books were really about relationships at all (except Blue who obv. loves Gansey and is going to kill him with her kiss).  Someone HELP!!! How did I miss this??  Is Ronan really in love with Adam???  It seems so weird since they don't really interact in either book.


Sadly I am (and so is everyone else that lives where I live) obsessed with the weather right now... and not in a good way.  When it is negative-something degrees for mulitple days, I start to feel panicked.  My car said -14 today when I was driving to work... I'm sorry but those are conditions that I am not prepared to live with.  I can't wait until SPRING!!!!

Those were my obsessions this week.  What are you obsessing over??


  1. Clueless is the best <3 I still cannot believe how many jokes I didn't understand in it when I saw as a young teen!

    1. haha i know... like I didn't know what she was talking about with when Travis went to AA or NA or whatever. She's like oh there's 12 steps.... I was like ?????

  2. I wish I would have signed up for OTSPSecretSister but I'm currently not working so I can finish school in the summer and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to contribute to gifts as much as I'd like. I do plan on participating in the next round though :)

  3. ahh I love this post. I have so many obsessions.... Tattoos.. just got two new ones. Games, books of course, home decor. yes i have some too. See I don't think about posting things like this.. I have a hard time thinking of personal posts. I am a shy awkard girl. I love the library stuff and the 90s stuff. So cute.

    1. I have a hard time coming up with personal stuff too. I'm always like afraid to get out of book-mode on here because it's a book blog... but who cares right??

  4. I wish I could participate in #OTSPSecretSister but I'm in Canada and I think it's harder to get paired up. Plus, shipping in Canada is crazy expensive :(

    1. Aww you should sign up anyhow... I'm sure there are other Canadians that do it. I know at least 4 or 5 book bloggers from up there :)

  5. I wish I would've signed up for the OTSP. I wonder if it will be done again in the next 6 months? I keep seeing people post pictures on intagram of the packages they are getting. I also checked out that site that you are using to do your new blog design and I love their designs. I watch all the Real Housewives shows. I just can't stop. I get so excited when there is a new show popped up on my DVR!