Friday, May 8, 2015

So Obsessed... (5)

Between the Broke and Bookish Secret Santa and the On the Same Page Secret Sister Project, it's got me thinking about stuff I like, stuff my friends like, and my changing obsessions in general.  So I decided to start telling you guys what my obsessions are when I get them.

These are the things I've been obsessing over this week:

Harry Potter

My dream has come true!!!  Ever since I had my son, I couldn't wait for the day that I could read the Harry Potter books to him so I could share the joy of the HP world with him.  Well..... that day finally came this week!!  We started reading Harry Potter, and he LOVES it!!  Now he can't wait until bedtime so that we can read!!  He's SO my kid.  The other day he was going nuts because he was excited that his school was having a book fair.  Remember those book fair days??  I know it was my favorite day of the year!

The funny thing is that my son has played the Lego HP video games before, so he knows some of the plot twists, but he doesn't know that I know them.  When Scabbers makes his first appearance, Cole looks at me with this devilish grin and says, "I know something secret about Scabbers mom!".  It was so darn cute.


As always I'm obsessed with Etsy.  I ordered my secret sister something this week (which I will not show you because it's a secret), and I ordered Snark Factory jewelry last week.  But here are some random other things that I love:

  • "Go hug a landmine" a quote by Dorothy from the Golden Girls.  I so need it for my Mac laptop.  It's from CatchAWaveDesigns.
  • Joshua Jackson ring.  Hello!  Who doesn't want Pacey's head staring at them from their hand???  I know I do!  From charm456.
  • Boy Bands coloring book from TeamArt.  Do I need to explain?  Okay, I will anyway: NKOTB, Boys II Men, Hanson!!!
  • Harry Potter book PILLOW from BrassingtonHollow!!  Yes that is a pillow that opens up to the first page!!  I am OBSESSED!!!!  I need all 7 immediately.


It feels like summer outside this week in good old Pennsylvania, so I'm in the mood for summer clothes.  Dresses specifically.

Forever21 Contemporary

Okay I'm not really sure what this is... is it a clothing line for the more grown-up Forever21 crowd?  The Forever33 crowd perhaps?  Well anyway, I am super obsessed with how cute these clothes are!


I don't know why, but I've been SO hungry lately.  And I have got to start cooking more in the evenings and not be so lazy.  These are some of the things I might make:


I am obsessed with what I'm reading this week.  I finished Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight and it was !!!!!!  I don't read a TON of Adult, but this book was really attention grabbing.  I also loved her first book Reconstructing Amelia (that was kind of an in-between YA and Adult book and so is her new one I guess).  I just started I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson.... and damn if she doesn't make me feel like I'm less evolved or something.  How is someone that smart???  Her writing is so amazing, that for some reason I feel less of a human being because of it.  And I like it LOL.

What are you obsessed with this week?

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  1. I AM SO EXCITED THAT YOUR SON IS STARTING HARRY POTTER!!!!!! That's like, every good parents dream :-) He is so lucky that he gets to experience it for the first time and that you get to share it with him!

    1. I know, it makes me SO happy!! I've been waiting for this day since I found out I was pregnant!

  2. I love Forever 21, period! I also really love Etsy, if I had endless monies, I'd be in major trouble. These are some good obsessions to have!

    1. Oh man Etsy continues to get me in major money trouble. I just can't help it, the stuff is too good on there!

  3. That is SO cool you're reading HP to your son! How old is he? I am totally going to introduce my kids to all my favorite books, HP is a MUST! :) Etsy is such a black hole for me!! There's just so much awesome stuff on there! I haven't seen that new forever 21 line -- haha at forever33. :) Super cute though!

    1. My son is in first grade!! He's super into it and it's adorable and something I didn't think would actually happen since I wanted it to happen so bad. That's usually how it works. I need to go to a Forever21 and see if they carry the "contemporary" line in stores!