Thursday, June 4, 2015

New YA Books Coming Out Week of 5/31

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Trish Doller
A girl looking for fun and escape from her responsible life finds herself on a road trip gone wrong.

By: Sarah Ockler
A singer who lost her voice in a boating accident, vacations in a seaside town where mermaids are legend and romance awaits her.

By: Adam Silvera
A boy decides if he wants to get a memory-wiping procedure to make him forget his painful past and his new-found feelings for friend Thomas.

By: Anne Heltzel
2 teens meet at a funeral and discover they've been dating the same guy, Charlie, who has been presumed dead after an explosion.  Now the girls go on an adventure to find out if Charlie is still out there... and they both have secrets of their own.

By: Kelley York
Shy, quiet Vic goes to a party he normally wouldn't and is accused of a terrible crime.  Now he has to find a way to clear his name and his only ally may be the victims best friend.

By: Lexa Hillyer
4 former best friends get transported to the summer they were 15, when everything changed.

By: Virginia Boecker
When one of king's best witch hunters is accused of being a witch herself, she receives an offer from a wizard to free her.  The catch is she has to find a way to free him from a curse.

By: Melissa E. Hurst
A boy in the year 2146 is born with the ability to time travel.  He soon discovers that his father has been illegally traveling to the year 2013 to save a girl named Alora from being murdered.  Now it's a race to find out what it is about Alora that his dad wants to save.

By: Cordelia Jensen
A verse novel set in 1990's New York.  17 year old Mira has just found out her father's sexuality has been a secret kept from her by her parents.  Not only that, but also, his health is in jeopardy.

By: Rebecca Phillips
A girl who pretends to be perfect for her friend/golden boy and secret crush, Ben.  Beneath that is a girl whose dad is gone, mom is a wreck, and has a secret bad boy hook-up friend.  When the dad comes back to town, Ben asks her out, and the hook-up buddy is blabbing, how long can she hold it together?

By: Emmy Laybourne
Laurel goes on a celebrity cruise with her friend Viv to see the launch of Solu, a new diet sweetener.  But it's soon revealed that the side effects of Solu can be dangerous, and with Laurel and former child-star Tom being the only ones who didn't take it, they have to stick together to make it through this nightmare ship.

By: Anna Banks
A girl with a big secret and a guy who has just lost his sister go pranking.

By: Jennifer Mathieu
A girl growing up in a strictly religious household starts questioning her beliefs and whether this life is really what she wants for herself.

By: Rebecca Maizel
A girl who is tired of living in her more popular and beautiful sister's shadow decides to become someone new during a summer in Cape Cod.

(Nearly Gone #2)
By: Elle Cosimano
The sequel to Nearly Gone.  Nearly is working as an intern in a crime lab when a case comes up that may be connected to her father's disappearance 5 years ago.

By: Betsy Schow
A Wizard of Oz retelling.  Dorthea is the princess of Emerald, but she's also trapped by a curse to stay within the castle area.  Then she wishes on a star and her wish backfires.  Now her and the prince that she doesn't want to marry must find a way to fix what she started.

By: Lena Horowitz
A journal style book, from a girl who feels ignored and unspecial until she tried MDMA, but soon learns there are consequence for her new found fun.

(The Perfectionists #2)
By: Sara Shepard
When someone else they named dies, the girls wonder if they're being framed... or if they're next.

By: Emily Adrian
When Rebecca lands the lead in the school play, she falls in with a new crowd.  Now apart of the "Essential Five", she takes a vow with the others to never date each other... but she can't help her feelings for Charlie.

By: Debra Dockter
Genetically engineered twins born 2 years apart, Kyle and Connor are nothing alike.  Connor is the best at everything, and Kyle doesn't even try.  When Connor drops dead of a heart attack at 18, and Kyle learns of other deaths, all at 18, he goes after the doctor who made them.

Paperback Release
(Paperback Release)
By: Anthony Brezican
If you guys haven't read this, you totally should.  It's set in 90's and is about an extremely troubled private high school.  Here's my review if you're interested.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

JUNE!!!  How is it June already??  I'm not complaining though- because SUMMER!!!  Also TONS of new and amazing books.  I just got back from BEA, but I still want so many of these.  LIKE- The Summer of Chasing Mermaids!!!  Sarah Ockler is a must-read!  Also I just bought The Devil You Know.  I have liked all Trish Doller's books, so I had to get it.  Others I'm thinking about: More Happy Than Not, Modern Monsters, Spelled, and Devoted.  What are you definitely reading??  What are you on the edge about?

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  1. Aaah, so many great sounding (and looking!) books coming out that I completely forgot about! Thanks for the reminder on these :) Looks like I better head to the store. I'm really curious about Good Girls and Dancing with Molly and of course, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids. :)

  2. Oh wow, I knew about some of these but just added nearly half to my TBR! Thanks for a great list. I can't wait to read More Happy Than Not, and Modern Monsters.

  3. The Summer of Chasing Mermaids is more than likely going to make it onto my wish list. It just looks so damn adorable!

  4. WOW, there were a lot of books that came out that week! LOL I loved More Happy Than Not and I have seen a lot of love for Modern Monsters!