Monday, August 10, 2015

Those Girls by Lauren Saft

This is the story of 3 best friends who are out of touch with each other.  They've been through a lot together and have that history, but this year, it's like they are strangers to each other.  3 17-year-old girls who are finding out who they are and what they want, which may or may not include each other.... and they make take it a little too far.

I'm obviously in the minority here, but I freaking loved this book.  I could not stop reading it.  Everything about it (okay, there was one teeny tiny thing that I maybe would've changed, but I'll get into that later).  I am used to being a lone wolf in the YA world.  First, I mostly read YA Contemporary and NOT fantasy.  Second, I'm never really interested in the HOT books that are being anticipated by all the bloggers.  I ride under the radar with books that speak to my heart.  This one wasn't really a heart speaker, but it entertained me to no end and I couldn't put it down.

First, the characters aren't exactly lovable.  I connected most with Alex.  She's this girl who doesn't really give a shit about if the popular boys like her.  She's into music and is thinking about joining a band.  She's also hopelessly in love with her best guy friend, but knows it can never happen.... so she hooks him up with her bestie Veronica.  Veronica is Karen from Mean Girls, end of story.  The last girl is Mollie.  She's dating the "hot" jock senior boy.  He treats her like crap, but she's afraid to lose him and the aura of what being his girlfriend brings her.  So she convinces herself that it's okay.  I really enjoyed reading about Mollie and Alex's relationship the most.  They were having a year of distance, but I could tell they wished it could be back the way it was.  Mollie especially looked out for Alex and I kept hoping they would work it out.

Is this book for everyone?  Probably not.  If you are easily offended by bad behavior, I would pass.  I kind of love bad behavior.  I'm a rebel at heart and did a lot of crazy stuff as a youth.  I also don't think of sex as a big deal and don't get offended by cheating, lying, swearing, and drug/alcohol use.  I have seen this described as Gossip Girl-like, but I wouldn't really compare it to that.  I found a lot more substance in it than that.

I loved the story.  The way the girls had complicated feelings about each other.  The way Alex was becoming her own person and dealing with how the world saw her vs. how she saw herself.  It was definitely a story that I had to know what was going to happen.  It invaded my mind and I kept thinking "when can I get back to reading that book?"

The only thing I would change in this book was the slut-shaming was a little high.  Although to be fair, the girl in question didn't seem to mind it whatsoever, so why should I?  I like it when a book pushes the limits and isn't afraid to offend.  To me this book was real.  Do all teenagers talk and act like this?  No, clearly not.  But there are some that do.  The rich girl having crazy parties was a little fantasy-like for me, but I had fun reading those parts, so all is good with me.

The ending was semi-abrupt.  I liked it, but I also had my heart set on a certain couple, and my heart didn't get all that it wanted.  I still feel a positive feeling about the future for those 2 though.

OVERALL:  YES!!!  Loved, loved, loved and I don't care if I'm the only one.  This is a "me" book and I couldn't put it down.  If you like Tease by Amanda Maciel, I recommend this!

This Book Contains:

  • Mean Girls
  • Swearing
  • Sex- lots of sex
  • Truthful teen reactions
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Death
  • Music- a band called The Cunning Runts
  • Prom
  • Parties

Add it to your To-Read List!!

My Rating: 4/4

Date Published: 6/9/2015
How I Got This Book: BEA!
Publisher: Poppy/Little, Brown Books

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  1. What's wrong with being in the minority? It's always great to find a book you live, while most people hate it, or viceversa. For me, it's usually me hating books most people like XDDD Oh well.

    From your review, i think i would like this book too. I'm not a fan of slut-shaming at all, so we'll see how much I'll enjoy this.

    Naga Sanctuary

    1. Thanks!! It just makes me feel a little awkward when I'm in love with a book and I click on GR and see like 500 negative reviews in a row. I'm like, did we read the same thing??

  2. I am so happy to see this review. I have read a lot of eh to bad ones. I really want to read this despite reading all of them. Glad you enjoyed it and now I am kind of excited when I get to it- Great review!