Thursday, July 30, 2015

New YA Releases Coming Out the Last 2 Weeks of July (7/19-8/1)

These are the books I obsessed over last week (7/19- 7/25):

By: Michelle Painchaud
A girl is groomed (and surgically altered) to become a missing heiress in order to steal a famous painting for her con-man father.

By: Amanda Panitch
Julia became Lucy after a terrible tragedy that she has no memory of (at least that's what she's saying).  Now that she is settled in her new life, an old face reappears and makes her confront her past.

(The Feuds #2)
By: Avery Hastings
The 2nd book in this dystopian duology.  Look at that cover!!!

(Geek Girl #2)
By: Holly Smale
Harriet feels more awkward now that she's a model than she did when she was just a geek.  Now she's headed to Japan...

(Lakeview #3)
By: Stacey R. Campbell
In Halle's final year at Lakeview Academy, her boyfriend is expelled when drugs are found in his backpack.  Now Halle has to prove Alex's innocence, solve a murder, and stay alive in the process.

Other Books That Came Out Last Week:

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week (7/26-8/1):

By: Lisa Schroeder
Two homeless teens spend their last day on Earth (before a meteor hits) helping people by granting wishes.

(The Queen B* #1)
By: Crista McHugh
Alexis is a self-named Queen Bitch.  She uses her blog, The Eastline Spy, to expose the wrongs going on in her high school.  When someone starts posting x-rated videos from the girl's locker room, she teams up with the quarterback to solve the mystery.

(The Dark Elements #3)
By: Jennifer L. Armentrout
The final book in this paranormal romance trilogy.

By: Dave Shelton
A collections of ghost stories told by the ghost themselves.

By: Paul Griffin
5 teens are lost at sea in the Atlantic.  None come back the same, and some don't come back at all.

By: Melyssa Winchester
Emery and Christian are falling in love... then they get a shock of a lifetime.  In a few months they're going to be step-siblings.

By: Ni-Ni Simone
Isis knows how to survive in the streets.  She's been through a lot, but she's learned how to protect herself with the help of Fresh.  When a run-in with the law brings things crashing down, she finds help in her crush K-Rock.  But will this be enough to turn her life around?

(The Unbelievables #1)
By: K.C. Tansely
Kat could see ghosts ever since she was a baby, but a long time ago she started shutting them out after something disturbing happened.  Now, she's going to an island for a school project and is looking into a 129 year old murder-mystery.

(Dorothy Must Die #0.4)
By: Danielle Paige
A novella about the Tin Man and what his gift of a heart really gave him.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

Whew!!  There are a ton of great books that have come out this summer so far!  I'm especially excited to read Damage Done and All We Have is Now.  What are you into over these last 2 weeks of July?

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  1. All We Have is Now looks wonderful. I love the cover and I love the theme of the novel! Last Days on Earth (non-religious) is a genre I wish we would see more of in the field!