Friday, March 18, 2016

New YA Book Releases For The Week Of 3/13

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: E.K. Johnston
A popular cheerleader is drugged and raped at a party, and the aftermath has huge consequences.

By: Kerry Kletter
Cassie, recently released from a psychiatric facility, must deal with her complicated mother-daughter relationship, and try not to let it pull her under.

By: Gregg Olsen
A girl comes home to find her father dead and her mother gone with one word written to tell her what to do- RUN.  She grabs her brother and goes on a journey to find out the truth.

By: Kathleen Cherry
A girl with High Functioning Autism doesn't reveal it to her classmates.

By: Stefan Bachmann
A group of teens are selected to help excavate an underground palace- built in during the French Revolution to hide a family.  It's been abandoned for 200 years, but they soon find that an evil is there waiting for them.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

Really excited to read Exit, Pursued By a Bear, and A Drop of Night sounds good too.  I'm always looking for a good Thriller.  What are you reading this weekend??

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  1. I just picked up A Drop of Night yesterday! It's a lot longer than I was expecting!

    1. Oh really?? I just found out it existed when I was making this. I'll have to see if you like it.

  2. Exit, Pursued by a Bear and Girl on the Run sound interesting. I hope you get your hand on them soon and love them, Michelle! :)

  3. A Drop of Night and The First Time She Drowned look great!!!